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Got big hits from how you buy is and ben zobrist to to break wall to give them to retake the lead there and didn't long look back the bullpen was able to hold for the cubbies there in atlanta the thing that series is pretty cool obviously you don't really not very normal for those guys to go to one city for one day and then come play the same team in different cities almost like a playoff atmosphere for that game they're playing the same team but just in a different park so it's pretty interesting all right back on friday to recap the games that just went previewed for monday and thursday from wednesday and thursday and then of course i always on a friday will will preview the weekend and give you the big stories another shot obviously to stephen piscotty good looking out as obviously your mom was looking down on you that bad as you were able to come back from the tough weekend going to her services obviously still bringing her life but never easy losing your mother it's something that nobody ever wants to do and they had to come back and play major league baseball right after that in stage family park and being able to get up there and muster the strength hit a home run over the over the family park the big monster there the green monster is a pretty cool signing it's just sports life is a lot bigger than sports but we like to help here as a sports does it is overseas why we do it for family for the love of the game and for cool moments like that so we've back on friday with another episode of the gmc baseball podcast i've been on door to your host and we'll see them so everybody enjoys in baseball by.

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