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A symbol for it. Maybe that symbols a word or figuring like a lucky cat or maybe something you have already one important symbol for happiness in. Funtua is the is the happy Buddha a fat happy Buddha often carries a bag in one hand over his shoulder he sits on a bag and he's kind of the Chinese Santa Claus and he is supposed to have been carried. He carries us back. And he'll carry your worries in your burdens for you and often would pull out things. I mean he actually was This Buddha was a man who actually lived in China Several thousand years ago and he would go and and he carried nice things for little children and we give them present seen so he really was a real person and So so for some people that The happy Buddha Makes them happy. I think it's so important that you you look at something that puts that puts you in a happy mood so always keep out for me. I I liked the I like the happy Buddhist so much that I keep one on my desk always to cheer me with his little chipper countenance. He's happy and just delighted and and he's often shown delighted and happy with money and people. When you talk about money they get real serious and what I find that I love about the happy. Buddha is you see them with sitting on these big idiots like look at me. I've got all this money and they're so happy if there's any way you can get happiness money together. I think you will have a winning combination. Let's talk about another symbol of happiness. This is the lucky cat. These darling cats bring happiness In the to the cash registers a lot of Asian businesses so I have a collection of them myself and These are great Little symbols of happiness and the the annual animals If you go to your local Chinese emporium whatever the year is if it's your the pig you're the rat you're the tiger you'll often find happy little animals That That you can buy and display in your in your home or on your desk. I always like things on my desk because I see them all day long. Because I'm sitting there all day. Anyway these are always you know happy and smiling low animals in an always sweet to have at your at your desk. Especially if you're at work it just keeps you happy and fixated you know. This is one of the best ways you can lift the energy in your home. Just happiness right sheer happiness so as always I wanNA leave you with three simple tips really quick ones and you can incorporate to bring more funds way to your life. Number one is plan. Fun At activities is so important to plan fun. Fun Activities for our family. I told you about the game. Guess Jurors We bought a beautiful new puzzle that we're GONNA put out for everybody to work on. We also love scrabble. We like to watch Funny Movies and this is something that you know plan to do things like this. My Mom She's all I guess. I inherited it from her because I want Easter. She bought us all these little bouncing chicks. And we you the kind of those little those little Toy You wind up. And then they hop will we had. We had a Easter Chick race won. All the family members. Got Him and we all wound him up and we had Easter chick races. Just fine things to do. Get get some Karaoke going in your house flying fun things to do fun games to do pictionary something like that. Plan Fun it's so important number to host host parties and get together. My house is the house where everybody comes to well. I like to cook and I like to feed. Everybody and I like to have a good time. And and we have We always have a fun stuff to do and In that is so important to me hosting because sometimes You know we need to have that energy of other people in our home and bringing them in. So what do you do when you have a host a party you put all the lights on you make the House Look Nice? It smells good. Good food good good times and fun and that is great for your house and great for your life And last one is display happiness. Find something that means. Happiness to maybe. That's a beach into Tahiti a picture of a beach in Tahiti. Whatever it is. Find something that makes you happy when you look at it when you see it you go you smile or you feel great and sign it. Might you know maybe. It's pictures that you took were. Yeah we're goofing around with goofy at Disneyworld or something like that. Put Fun Pictures. Out of Fun Times. The you've had with friends and family and Or funny quotes. Put ANYTHING OUT IN. Display it in your house. That shows you having a good time. It's so important that you see yourself as happy and in places where you are enjoying things and having a good time so display happiness in your home to live that whole vibration all right well. I hope that you have a an absolutely fabulous day today and And the holidays are coming. Up We've got Christmas kwanzaa Hanukkah right around the corner. I wish you and your family a really wonderful and son. Happy Holiday Season From my family to yours I wish I invite you over right now. And we'll pop that cork on that fabulous French champagne run home and play some guest yours and But I hope you have a very very happy holiday season and I'll talk to you on the next episode of five minute funkaway. Thanks for listening to five minute punctuate. Today you're the rat is coming in one. Sure with you where you can find money love and opportunity in twenty twenty and it's all in my annual funkaway forecast the success pack. 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