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Saints talk a big huge win for LSU last weekend while Saturday, I hope you saw the game. Because if not you missed a good one this week LSU begins what by mascot anomaly will be three games this season against BULLDOGS a play LA tech this weekend. And then they play Georgia on October the thirteenth and then Mississippi State on October twentieth. All three being BULLDOGS that being said, let's welcome in some serious LSU talk now with Jeff Palermo wwLcom columnist and Louisiana network news director, I eight on Jeff going wild. Tommy, how about yourself how DEM Tigers. What aware what a where there will be a game that people will remember for a long time. It's very rare. I know the folks that practice kinda thing find it too hard to see where last game kicking a field goal on someone's opposing field and and winning that game. On the final play. Probably the thing. That's come. To wise went LSU beat Alabama dined at six two thousand eleven and that memorable regular season game. My take away from the game. Jeff is this is what we always coulda had had. We had a quarterback or at least for the last. God knows how many years. Four three quarters. You were wondering if you did have a quarterback girl. I mean, they were they they got off to a really good start. I think they caught Auburn off guard at LSU finally short passing game. And until tonight. Down the field. Justin Jefferson is really developed in a very good wide receiver go-to guy. Boros certainly have a connection. And that really the big play of the day was the touchdown pass the Derrick killing over the middle of the field where he outraged. The Auburn defenders. That was huge. If LSU doesn't get that play. We're probably talking about what's wrong with that. But instead they get that plan and that really shipment of Obama and LSU's favor. The Tigers gets up make some big plays there on that final drive, and led to the coal Tracy feel you get out of you got a couple of penalties that go your way. And here you are three zero onto Caesar ranked number six in the country. Saints have a banner up there proven right with all the preseason hype. And so forth is LSU kinda flying beneath the radar here. Well, I think a lot of people now are taking the Tigers. That's for sure I do think that this team has really been fueled by the critics out there who have said that this was not going to be a very good LSU team that they'd be lucky to win nine games that they probably went more like seven games. They went into that game against Miami wanting to prove the doubters walk. They did it again has Paso doble LSU goes into that contrast, a double digit underdog, and this kind of other dog feeling that they they're receiving it certainly helping the field and the the game comments that reporters were able to overhear from coach at orange, right? As he spoke to the team. I think validate that that comment that they they're trying to prove the doubters wrong. Why didn't play that great Against Southeast Louisiana everywhere. They were going gonna win that game. Necessarily approve. They certainly have something to prove this last Saturday, and they come away with a one point where interesting the saints to to prove them right LSU's trying to prove them wrong. Thank you. Jeff. All right. Have.

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