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If you have other plans. You are too good to me. Yeah. And most importantly, a dear dear friend of both of ours for the better part of three decades. The great Bo deedle. Good morning, Bo. Big Bo. Good morning, guys. A one thing Don't think you're the only active hit with grave Then I got a scene down in Miami where I used my old breast knuckles. And I do some guy in and I want to know that he's finished. At the end that I put up I pop a cap in his head. You know, it's funny about you. You know, It's funny about you saying that and I'll be in Miami with you with dice while you're filming that, but Thief first season, You're in it. You play the head bookie. I guess you're in a room like you play. You play your bookie, the one you are money. There's a lot of those. But you play like the guy in Sheepshead Bay and you're yelling and screaming about how the line moved on a certain game and you were great. You were great, not roll ball. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, It's fun. It's fun to do it. You know, I thank God. I don't depend on it to eat dinner, but it's it's fun to do it. It's a lot of hurry up and wait and he's got a good little syriza there and it's on. It's on the screaming and all that. And I look forward to it. Oh, do you get stopped on the streets for autographs? That type of thing? Now That's Polk know everybody. You know what? Honestly, More people know me from doing. I'm Mr 30 35 years by my voice. Once they start talking, they go your bow deals. Honestly, they recognized my voice more more than that. But I did a lot of movies a lot of people and then I ran unsuccessfully against the moron here. Uh, you know, I don't understand how come no video I don't care about the Gangbang. Rod. How come no bidding. Oh, is on the news off these guys attacking the other guy idea, ripping his clothes off beating him up. How come it doesn't make the news? If a cop makes a little bit of a too much of the exertion of locking somebody up, it's all over the news that the cell phones off. Why don't they run this and show what New York City has turned into it? It was like the collar Harry Desert. Like a bunch of high Hughes and their animals. Yes, I'm calling them animals, and that's what you saw in that video, and it's disgusting. And that's what New York is, and there's gonna be a lot more of that and a lot more rain on video. That's all I say. Yes, the lawlessness they want what they want to cover it up for some reason, protect certain people. I'm not sure why they would protect all these white guys and Magda hats. I'm not sure what's going on here. But But, yes, it should be on the Jimmy on the local news bill ready? I tried to go to dinner the other night. There's no place in New York. So way ended up gold. We would have to tell him maxillary a out there with. Tell him on on believing lot off 50 of you Take up there. I got Tony Darrow would be I got Mike was Eddie. I got a couple of boys up there. Fabulous indoor dining, fabulous Italian sports mozzarella and it's only about 10 minutes out of the city, so we don't have toe stay in this city is leave and go somewhere heat. We have Peter Lugers on Northern Boulevard last week with my doctors. You know what? You've got to get the hell out of this city because what he's done is disgusting. He's bankrupting everybody. There's think bird punk and that guy on New York one That little ass kiss. What's his day? They got E Lewis. That little punk ball softball questions, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor. What do you put a napkin around your neck there? I can't say bad things because I'm still from you up against. You know how I feel. You know, I feel yes, Radio. All right, let's go. Let's talk about something that was very true to my heart On on Friday, we lost. I say the greatest baseball player of all time, Hank Aaron, So I get I get a text. From Leonardo DiCaprio ball. We just lost a friend today. Thank you for introducing him to May I had Leonardo Upton rails with Hank Aaron and his lovely wife. And this is a man who has loved everybody. He had arms like like like concrete hands like steel, and he was telling me a story growing up in the south when it was really bad. We used to carry blocks of ice, and that's why he got so strong in the arms, and then he was talking about the racism there. But he says, I don't hate anybody, he said. These pump it's today Don't know what it's like to work. They want everything for free. They don't know what struggle people went through. That was dead. Today. We're all equal people and I support everyone. They know he had no No kind of vindictiveness. He said. When I was running for the home run championship, I got death threats to me and my family. What a sheer gentleman Hank Arron! He's the man that God is no doubt about it, and you may be right ball while he may be the greatest player of all time, I think most people in our generation go toe Willie Mays, but nevertheless, Hank was certainly one of the best top three top four Top five and was a A great man and in that stadium that night, back in April of 1974 when he didn't fact go past Babe Ruth. There are stories about a man with a gun and lots of folks in that area who really wanted to kill him after he did that, And to your point guys like LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick and all these modern day players, they have no idea what it was like for guys like Hank Arron. What? What? What He had to go through in his life living in the South when it was really discrimination down there and all that we've come pretty far. But for some reason we want to revert back now..

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