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Listen and learn. Jennifer, Lawrence and cook Maroney are engaged on page. Six says cook Maroney is an art gallery. He is her boyfriend's. They've been dating for. Oh, close to about eight months. Now, he's thirty three years old. I love that term. Art galleries. Yes, they, you know, it's age appropriate. She's twenty-eight. He's thirty-three. Sometimes she tends to date older guys that might not be great for her. So good for her. Yeah. She's wearing a giant rock. They saw them at a restaurant called Rowell's New York, and they seem to be celebrating something and she had acute black dress with white polka dots on an enormous engagement ring on per left. Yeah. That's she could find a mountain lion off with that. And feed an entire European. Yes. Okay. Ben Affleck and Lindsey shook his are talking again, you know, they split up and rumor has it last August because she wanted him to go to rehab, and he didn't wanna be controlled. Then he had that little side affair with that that playboy model. Oh, yeah. He's back to a census. So she actually initiated this communication right now, he is just focusing on his sobriety and his kids, but looks like they've been seen out together. Several times looking very friendly. Hashtag very. Abby Lee Miller is rebuilding her life and reality show. Magic is coming back with dance moms resurrection, premiers on lifetime in April and the upcoming season will follow her journey to start up her Abby Lee dance company, again, I think this is going to be a different show because she has gone through so much. He's in a wheelchair. Now. She says in an instant your life changes completely. I need to get back to my teaching. I need to get back to screaming at children. I need you get back to my roots. I'm going to take these kids right back to the turf. I mean, you gotta handed tour. She gets results. That's true. When she's still getting reality shows. So there must be an audience for this somewhere. Yeah. We're looking for a resurrection dance, I stopped watching this a long time. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. On TV tonight. We have the mask singer on FOX that will get the biggest readings. We also have oh drop the mic on TNT has Jesse small at versus Danielle Brooks clay agent versus hearing pre-taped. And then we have criminal minds on CBS..

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