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Emcee Johnny Rocket tells news channel aided daredevils training starts early. What's all these riders in the show start around four years old Weatherby racing stuff of that nature, preparing to be able to have the skills and talents to take it to the next level. Visitors will watch from their cars similar to a drive in movie theater at Nathan Vendor Sin Park, with Florida's news John Comrade. This'll is a Fox News alert the house to prove the stimulus bill on Jack Callahan, Fox News House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the final tally on this vote, the ayes are 2 19. The nays are 2 12. The bill is passed without objection. The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. Fox with Jared Helprin in Washington party line vote approved the American rescue plan Democrats providing the votes on legislation that includes $1400 payments for most Americans. Increased unemployment benefits, money for nutrition, assistant schools and state and local governments. It also includes a provision raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Republicans say the $1.9 trillion bill is loaded with liberal pet projects unrelated to the pandemic. The minimum wage hike also appears unlikely to survive the Senate. Parliamentarian rolled back out of order. Under strict budget rules. The Senate will debate the bill and likely passive next week. If that version does not include a minimum wage increase, the House would have to vote again on the change. An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration is recommended approval of Johnson and Johnson's Corona virus vaccine candidate. The full FDA is expected to grant emergency use authorization to the single dose investigational vaccine. President Biden in Texas Friday to reassure residents impacted by the power and water crises. Federal emergency management FEMA is Friday millions of gallons of water Millions of meals, direct assistance don insured homeowners to repair the damage. First pipes caused to millions of homes across the state Coming a rabbit asking the president to include 54 more Texas counties in a federal disaster declaration helpline recover from the devastating Winter Storm. America is listening to Fox News from Florida's Central Credit Union Home Loans Traffic Center As we take a look at the roadways, you're going to see some construction projects of slowing down. You're driving to the overnight hours. First of all, crossing the westbound Howard Franklin, the Off ramp report, Street north head. Been shut down. You'll need to use the doctor King Jr Street accident draw from that They're also in Pinellas County 118th Avenue north, with limited lanes between 19 and 2 75 and in Tampa, Gandy Boulevard with Lane's closed down between Dale Mabry and the West End of the Gate Bridge. Steve Foster News radio W F L A Temperatures stay warm through the evening and were mild to start Saturday morning with lows near 66. We quickly warm into the mid eighties for Saturday afternoon, seeing a mixture of sun and clouds less than a 10% chance for an isolated shower east of I 75 More of the same for Sunday, starting out in the mid sixties, warming into the mid eighties dry with a mixture of sun and clouds. Temperatures come down a couple degrees for Monday, but they're still above average, with highs near 80. The water Tomorrow. Southeast winds turning south at 10 knots. Max defender eight meteorologists demand a holly. Everyone loves the office at minute You wish you hadn't done me Instead, you have this. The office deep dive podcast hosted by Bryan Bom Garden, a k a Kevin from the office every week In this new, hilarious podcast, Brian sits down with one of his old friends from the office.

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