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Here's why voters are also looking for someone very aspirational. That's something also that I think people missed in in the Trump election, two thousand sixteen. They didn't understand that make America. Great. Again, wasn't nostalgic for them in the wasn't a dog whistle as some people have said it was, but for them, it was being part of something bigger than themselves being. And that's sort of part of the American DNA. And I think that that is humping the Democrats did, and we've got John lap with us joy. John was part of the messaging, two thousand six that they got really right with these farm ads were in in rural suburban areas where they said, hey, are you tired of Washington not listening to you? Are you tired of them? You know, all being part of the status quo come and listen to what we have to say. Come see our candidates who are different who are part of your community. And I think that voters still yearn for that and they're willing to put a salad political party. If those candidates have those messages on the point of the very, very much right Selena is that in these places where Trump has won by fifteen sixteen, there is a real energy for Democrats and independent who want fundamental change that. I think you can take advantage of which without necessarily bringing Trump into the conversation, they there's an embarrassment of Trump and there's a real disappointment. As a reason Paul Ryan head for the exits, they know. If he didn't leave on his own, they would've dragged him out on a stretcher anyway, but the but the thing is to be able to have that dial those is not to bring in Trump necessarily sort of like their places where it's helpful, their places where it's not. There are places where it makes sense. But if you think about the type of person, if you look at TJ Cox, I'm an engineer, a businessman, a husband, a father to four children. This is a guy who is the central valley, very rural. He's a guy who's been an engineer. He's a guy who's built water system. So the type of messaging has is the massive water problem that's going on in California and that critical to the central valley Konomi he's dealt with firsthand. He knows it firsthand and it's not. It's not a matter talking points. This guy's understands it and knows it. And you can see the enthusiasm is Selena was talking about in his eyes because he believes it. So to me, that's the kind of thing. It's like, wow, this isn't a politician. This is a problem solver, who's an engineer. I want that guy, but I do want to dive into this though. This debate about Trump and who. He is and what he stands for and Selena talking about how voters how they think through this when they see the president, whether it's separation at the border, whether it's just the tweeting and attacking personally, when they see the stuff about payoffs to playboy mistresses, like, how do they process this and how are they talking about their support or their policies in the context of all of that? Well, my impression with voters on his comportment was that they decided to make a pragmatic choice. So one voter to said to me, look, she voted for Obama twice. She said, you know, for years and years and years politicians have have set the most beautiful things. There words are incredibly eloquent, and, but I also understood that they were focused group sentences, and besides sentences and probably thirteen different staffers. Headlines things to make sure it was perfect. At the end of the day, I didn't get the results that I was looking for with Trump. I can't stand half the things that he says, but I love the results to said. That's sort of where I am right now. And that's what my vote goes for him. At this moment to me, part of the genius of Trump is that it's hateful, it's constant spewing of hate, but but there is this sense I get with the American people that they're now numb to it because it's all caps. It's so outrageous but to his base, it just reinforces. He's not part of the system. He uses curse word team spells his tweets. They're strange, but at least we know he's not part of that system. He's taken it on. So they like that. I don't think it gets old for them, but I think for when you think about others and be in, where do we go from here?.

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