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We are not no we aren't sure about the resources required to defend Paul in criminal court in in Moscow, the cost of lawyers and things like that. And so we're marshalling whatever resources we have right now to do the to the work from the the United States. The extent we can until there comes a point where visit might be might have some value to pulse case. You know, it's interesting you mentioned, you're you're you're in the law business in. I'm sure that is a very very beneficial thing to have right now. How's that help you? Well, I I run one of the biggest law libraries in in Ontario. So I've got access to stuff which has been good. So it's meant that I've been able to get quick access to things like the the appellate decision in his bad conduct discharge to research. The Russian criminal code and the procedural code for criminal courts in Russia to extent that has been translated. You know, it helps me to understand if if people are talking about the espionage act, then I can help to translate some of that for my family where they might otherwise be at sea for the rest of us, and we will just sort of conclude this in a couple of moments for the rest of us the. He was traveling there with some friends and supposed to be a part of of of a wedding party didn't make it to the wedding party. What happened with the rest of the folks that were there that he was there with? As far as I understand, they're fine. We've been in some limited contact with them. And and the groom has been in contact with US embassy in Moscow, and we've just been trying to be very careful with his information to try not identify for his privacy really end as soon I think at one once he's back in the states. We're hoping that he will speak up an either through private channels or publicly validate that Paul was at this wedding merely as a friend merely as tourist and the entire weaving of the the spy persona is is a is a red herring. Anything you want to add that I haven't asked you about that. You think is important. No, I think you've really covered covered where we are. I think until the information released to flow about what Paul's against we're we're hoping that the for governments will keep an eye on Paul and that hopefully behind the scenes things are happening that will help them to come home quickly. Do you believe you're getting enough help from the government here? So far. Yes. I'm I try and focus on a my professional expertise and ice in that other people are using their professional expertise. And that includes the people in the government who are engaged both of the on the legislative side in the executive side where agencies are are focused on Paulin, and we have gotten confirmation or assurances from people like in or Huntsman. And so on that people are engaged in Paul's issue. So I've I've faith that they are doing what they can. And certainly we are confident or comfortable with the sport. We've had from the American embassy. Absolutely. Finally, a message to your brother. What would you say doing right now? I would tell him to stay strong and be patient. And I mean, I know that he understands how serious issue is. And to know that we care about him that will bring them home assumes weekend. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. And we do as as I've told you several times send our thoughts and prayers to you and your family for your brother being in this situation and your family. Situation and the situation and we hope with resolve itself. Very soon. Thank you very much JJ. Appreciate the time to be beauty. David Whelan talking with us about his brother Paul's case. We'll bring you all the details regarding it as they developed and in the process coming up on our next episode of target USA the Russians say Paul Whalen is an undercover spy for the US. But a woman who was a CIA covert agent says he's not spy material, and what the Russians are up to his plain old revenge. Russians are advanced sticking their finger in our eye. They are dairy upset that miss be Tina, the Russian national who has been indicted on charges of interference with the NRA election process, and so forth and is being held in the United States. They they don't like that at all..

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