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I had a monster game in the in the game. And he said, you know, who does he remind you of someone asked him, and he said that shot reminds me of Jamaal Wilkes. He's like Jamaal Wilkes shot was like a snowflake falling off a bamboo leaf those were the words that Riley used to describe your shot. You hear that stuff? What do you think back is Michael thinks about three hour practices and Byron things about our practice? I'm sure that's part of the equation those days Riley. What were those like with you guys? They were three are practices were very intense very competitive. You know, he's very intelligent with his of practice time. And he's very demanding. He's very demanding. And we we all pushed each other. I mean, and that's what made it all work. We all knew that we would get a chance to play and whoever was playing well at the end of the game. You know, that's the state is. So it was a real tree not only playing for coach Riley. But knowing Pat, and Chris Riley, they're really really wonderful people to this day. Michael Thompson is still frightened Pat Riley really is imitated by do you still do have a fearful relationship with what you know? That's very interesting because when Riley came out of the broadcast booth years ago, right? You remember we were the veterans. He was the traveling secretary. The head coach. So I knew him at the beginning. Right. You know, he was a little different. I mean, you know, he was he absorbed so much so quickly. And then of course, once you know, we have success. He has success he became a little bit more authoritarian. That way, by the way, things haven't changed this. So let's talk about this team. We only have a couple of minutes here with us. We gotta run here shortly. But look rough start for this team. We talked to Byron the other day. Byron says you've got to preach patients. You gotta wait a month year. Former teammate Michael Thompson says that they should have been fifteen in five out of the gate, where do you li- on this particular roster or I think maybe next year they'll be fifteen in five out of the gate this year. I think they're going to need at least a good twenty thirty games. Lebron frankly city ended Cleveland probably didn't even play touch best basketball very much over the summer to recently. And of course, they have to get to know each other coach Luke Walton is still evolving as a coach I think he's doing a great job. But he's they're all still he's he LeBron just getting to know each other. So that's why I know it's hard. It's hard to think patience, and all we gotta wait. And you know, and especially if the last several years of always. Know being kind of disappointed, quite frankly. But I think this year will be worth. And now I'm not saying we're going to win the championship this year. But I think we'll have a good opportunity to make the playoffs. Right. And more importantly, it's a key thing that not only did LeBron come to the Lakers, but he signed for years. Yeah. He didn't do a one year two. You do not. I don't know what all the opt-outs at opt in to three. But that's still a good enough time. Good enough time. So that shows the commitment on his part. And so I think I think we're headed in the right direction. I'm sorry. What to log? No, it's Jamal is should that. Just be the golden like let's make the playoffs. It's been five years in my home of opinion. I mean, I'm not I'm just speaking for myself. But I think that should be the goal, right? And I think it's a it's a reasonable goal, and it's a realistic goal this. Let's make the playoffs. And of course, once you get in you wanna win keep winning. But let's just get there. And get a taste of what it's like together. So that we know next year. What's what what it's going to be about? We'll just because it's the goal doesn't mean it has to be the end game. I mean, you can build off your goals once you get there..

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