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Oh that sounds fun. Yeah. That'd be Jesus. Jesus Jesus was a big baby. That's fine. Beard, can I drink a Margarita out of the Hala version of the? Jesus, nest and all. or a bed. I think it's called a manger. The? Manger. Bands. Sits. It yet stick by goes straight like I. Mean we seek on brand and it's like a hey, stick that's that's the thing is. Is If a nest, right? A Garden hose in the bars. Catholic Google. What is the manger? It's the it's the. Crab. was correct being. Adventist. I went to boarding school and it was not because religious. So that's the end of that. Thank you for showing up tonight. Before we get out of here, I the very important list of shows to tell you about from a former music for San performers. They have shows coming up this weekend do Jacky Vincent has her listening party this week at the native hostile she is so incredible. Please go see your she's got her up and coming out Alex alccos at a hotel. Vegas Wednesday areola get this Thursday April four th at eight PM at the Whitman. We April fourth at Cider House rules because we love. Austin, east siders of during comedy show shoutout to them. Go see some local comedy Joe James at Craft Pride on the nineteenth. I think that was an old maybe. Show Spider House Lange hosted by our former host sack brooks is going to be there on the fourth go check them out move to Thursday nights. Go support them. It's vintage porn being roasted by Comedians it's ass lot of Bush. Bush covered in a really crappy Lonestar label that Zach has stoned lead like put on there a couple of times it's great. Lot of weird that Boehner polices there. It's great nick. Diaz witnessed he has will be at Continental Club Gallery at ten thirty. Oh I forgot to write that out I think it's Friday a also rex manning. Day. At Casino El Camino this Sunday so go check out any empire records man's No. And Katie raise the parish. On the eleventh, you should definitely see her Kim you've got any Alamo show's coming out I do have some Alamo shows I host Alma movie. Party shows. Also on the thirteenth, I'm hosting beyond Say Music Video Party. So get ready for Alpha. I just did Anaconda last week and I dressed as own Wilson but I looked like. A Lesbian Camp Counselor. which is my actual Goto aesthetic nine times at ten. I'm dressed like like bisexual pam accounts was very early early L. Generous. It was. Very confused. On, accident. Kim, is. Just grew them. She does, but it was it was fun. So check that out also doing Selena. Hosting that at the Ritz on her birthday on four sixteen perfect So come do that I think I'm gonNA address as a bag of chips. Yes I. Know that movie is Selena what are you doing? Suzy's champs eight nine. And I am all that all that bag ships that needs to come back. Yeah. No, you came as personally bringing it. She brought a bag of chips to last week show. You can watch it on Youtube if you want to Brian, what will you be this week every Monday night at the Skylark Lounge and I want you to find me there because that's where I get raw. Nasty y'all know. Bring. Third. Song Y'all. Brings. Guy..

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