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Traffic stops, Donna Adams of west Louisville tells W L K why she got to know Ming dote when she was working as a beat cop was more than a beat cop. She would tour the neighborhood like she's supposed to do. But then she would always say, hey, I have a senior she would come. She would not what's wrong is everything. Okay. That made a difference funeral arrangements. Have not been announced one hundred and forty four on duty law enforcement officers have been killed across the country in two thousand eighteen up twelve percent from last year CEO of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. Craig Floyd says they did notice something unique about the numbers this year. Over the last twenty years we had seen more officers killed in traffic related incidents than any other cause of death. So this year the fact that firearms were the number one killer of cops in America. Yes. That is a change in that trend. Fifty two officers die by firearms. This year up thirteen percent from two thousand seventeen Ryan burrow, ABC news. Chicago Kentucky is among the states with the highest number of law enforcement officers killed in line of duty this year. Some Iraqi leaders are calling President Trump's surprise visit to their nation a violation of their sovereignty. Former US ambassador to Iraq. Chris hill has an opinion on why the hasty visit may have discounted foreign policy. The only explanation. I I really have is that this administration. Absolutely doesn't care. They don't care what these other people think they certainly don't care that they have expectations from us. Iraqi leader said Trump did not be with Iraqi prime minister during the visit because the two could not agree on a venue. Singer Chris Brown is in trouble over his pets. Monkeys DMZ says the Los Angeles city attorney is charging Brown with two counts of having a restricted species without a permit. The.

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