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Market this Saturday. Another story is kind of cool one not to single parents in England who met online during the lockdown finally got to meet in person. Now they are engaged they say it to force them to take things slowly and really get to know each other before they got serious. So. Dumb that would tenders four just get on tender and hookup? Do we have a winner? We do have a winner. Okay. Let's check them out Chris from Montgomery Minnesota High Chris. Excited Oh, my God I'm excited for you. Chris. You're GONNA drive up. I'm going to guess it's probably going to be in shock be around there. Anyway I don't have a location yet, but you're gonNA. Drive up. You're going to the one car pass perceiver stories, riddles and rhymes this fall. Okay. Thanks for listening to show we appreciate it. We'll do Dave's dirt coming up in a second. This is Whitney from Clare Iowa. It's time for Dave's dirt on one a one. Point Three K. D. Wbz. Hey. We'd love to have you do one of those who it's easy to do you pull out your phone. There's little voice memos section in there you mean no, you had that in there you say, Hey, hey, hey, this is katie I'm from Rogers Minnesota time for Dave dirt on Katie WB. Zip it off to us to Ryan.

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