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So go to biz Bates dot com in order. The best soft plastic baits on the market for yourself or is a gift for maybe you're fishing buddies this holiday season, get them at biz Bates dot com. My favorite soft plastic bait. Plan. Your next Illinois adventure to Ren lake where the fun begins Ren lake is situated in the heart of scenic, southern Illinois and can offer you nineteen thousand acres of water fun and recreation all within interstates fifty seven sixty four at their website. Enjoy Ren lake dot com. You can learn about southern Illinois lodging at its finest restaurants family activities bike trails camping in some fantastic fishing and hunting all in one spot at Ren lake, and it's one of my favorite places to go. So go to enjoy ran lake dot com or call them at three one four five eight oh, two five seven seven three one four five eight zero two five seven seven and plan your next Illinois adventure that will have you coming back again and again, Illinois mile after magnificent mile, TV dot com is educating and informative. Jim Crowley shows. Anglers and hunters how when and why if you have attended his seminars? You know, his no nonsense approach. Learn watch. Learn and apply information is the key to success and hook and hunt TV dot com. Join pheasants forever and quail forever. National pheasant fasting Quayle classic in Chicago land, this February twenty-second through the twenty four in Schaumburg, Illinois. It's the largest event in the country for upland bird honors wildlife conservationists from dogs. Cooking even a youth village for the kids. It's national Feser festive Quayle classic Schaumburg, Illinois, February twenty-second through the twenty fourth checkout fezzet fest dot org. Philip fishermen carry would here make sure to tune into ESPN Chicago every Saturday morning at six AM for Cianci's, great outdoors. Hey there everybody. Welcome John, great outdoors, and we've.

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