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All states or situations it's two OO eight they're trying to make sure that vets have jobs after the military two minutes right now traffic and weather together on the aids and here's Julian Rogers we still have the big wreck in north Dallas farmers branch to be exact westbound six thirty five you've got two left lanes blocked and then the two right lanes blocked so are there we've you through accordingly Hey you're gonna have a back up because of this back from about hill crest on the eastbound traffic in the same general area the best I can tell you is it's just a little bit of on liquor traffic definitely known lane blockage going on we have got a problem lights out at the intersection of northwest highway in Plano road due to a crash just be careful heading through there we appreciate the call on that on the traffic to blind and we've also got seventy five they're taking out the trash that's northbound heading from Richardson to Plano so they were rolling at last check northbound pretty close to the bush turnpike still slow as you head up from about six thirty five so watch for that probably in the H. I. V. left lanes are Brett let's look at the slip a twenty it says about the same southbound side between Sun Valley and I twenty they were working in the left lane for a few hours now doing some construction not as many folks coming through the moments it'll play around two eighty seven MLK southbound three sixty in Arlington grand prairie still very slow from I. twenty almost kings would where they're doing some road work in the left lane there at that that Johnson County road work as well if you're heading in that direction on thirty five anyway so we got that between well south of hidden creek parkway and down to about but says that that's the stretch you gotta watch for it's going to be plenty backed up I'm Julie Rogers next reported to eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen one more mild day before a cold front arrives later tonight I'm in B. C. five urologist grand Johnston and yes rain chances will be climbing a seventy percent chance for a few spotty showers.

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