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Jamie markedly David van Damme and Scott rob making sense of it all having some fun this is mark Lee van Damme and robin Robert show Gary mark we there's got Robbins no look at the big news stories of the day it was in the first five minutes of the today show of you know this president is a radic and dangerous according to a new book by anonymous I have never heard that before yeah so is big story you know what instead of me trying to put in words just check it out overnight a warning creating instant shockwaves the anonymous author who claims to be a senior trump administration official site just second shock waves did you feel it last night I didn't I didn't feel at this morning have you felt at my bed shook a little bit last night they would then measure to seven four on the B. S. scale shock waves because this anonymous person that wrote the op ed in The New York Times sorry failing New York Times last September is back with a full book troubling claims go ahead is a picture of a president who is unstable and inept according to excerpts obtained by MSNBC the also alleges the president can be so radic that most top administration officials have pre written resignation letters ready to submit all okay that part I'm not surprised because that could be a tough gig well again you never actually know what's what's going to happen here you could get fired via tweet you could yeah so everybody already knows that shock waves shockwaves the writer describing in your daily five alarm fire drill we're senior officials cancel plans and race to the White House to prevent the president from enacting his latest wacky or destructive idea wacky I like wacky made it into the story Hey five on fire right now wacky idea alert to the White House immediately well then it's not actually this is NIT picking right now but that's not really a five alarm fire drill is it really if they're actively responding to something that is a fire five alarm fire response you get a little bit but I mean it taking here but I understand I got to find something because this this is totally uninteresting to me that some anonymous coward writes a book I don't care no but it sent shock waves no we didn't yeah with the weights because it's about to get killing NBC news does not know who the writer Israel or whether they were in a position to witness what they say transpired in separate excerpts published by The Washington Post did not verified by NBC news the other claims a senior trump administration officials at one point considered residing in a midnight self massacre to raise alarm bells about the president but ultimately decided not to it's not a I know I'm being that picky again it's not really a midnight self massacre is so so much as it is that that would be like a group suicide right I suppose okay out of fear it would destabilize the government according to the post the author also discusses Mr trump's fitness for office describing him as reckless and without full control of his faculties writing in part he stumbles floors button for president they are glad sorry because he's writing a part he stumbles floors gets confused is easily irritated and has trouble synthesizing information not occasionally but with regularity those who would claim otherwise are lying to themselves or to the country okay she's huge news write them okay all right the only just move on to the next target this is big look at all this I saw this on Good Morning America and the and the only thing that crossed my mind is yeah let's highlight this but no exposing billionaire peta file Jeffrey esteem that doesn't meet our editorial standards I can't help but think the same thing as I'm watching this so you don't know I doubt it you know what this is a joke yeah all of you news organizations are a joke now see the thing is they are trying to find out actively who this anonymous writer is unless they find out it's a billionaire pad a file in which case they'll just look the other way probably more the authors say behind close doors the president makes racist and misogynistic remarks including comments about a woman's appearance make up and wait even referring to some women is sweetie and honey no no no yep yes Joe Biden gropes people yes and sniff their hair yeah thank you Darling as far as honey or Darling how is this sending shockwaves at all we've heard him say it are you know publicly no hello care man but this is supposed to be the one that does a man right this is very it's a troubling story you know where do.

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