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That it's important that you will if you get it once Then you don't take the vaccine in you get it again with with the symptoms be just as severe second time around the symptoms of can vary I we know people that have gotten cold. Nineteen in the system. The symptoms have Been very different They still mimic the same type but the level of The severity vary You know. I i personally know know someone that had co bid twice unfortunately and And the first time around they. The symptoms were very a mild and almost like they had just a mild cold and mild fatigue. And in the second time around. I mean they just put them out and The individual was just suffering for weeks In the home and having to is late for longer duration of time than anticipated because it just hit individual at heart of the second time so never knew. A human body is different. Do they know the strain was the same or the or the variant with. The same was saint. Did they get the same exact strained or or does that make a difference so Well it could make a difference if it's this is a different level of strain I know that The laboratories will definitely determine the strain. If they pull in sequence. Your why would retests right now. Everything is just being lumped into cove. Nineteen unless you're test has been selected to be sequenced So do you're you know if you are demonstrating those characteristics for example you might be then your your Your Your information then may get your laboratory. Information will then sent over to for further exploration to break it down by other variants. Good another question here is from our girl. I usually here What are your thoughts about. what are your thoughts about people. Just keeping their immune system strong. Are they at less risk You know individuals that are generally healthy on ultimately recover at a much much higher rate than goals with pre existing conditions. What's been unfortunate in our community in particular is a lot of black and brown communities have preexisting conditions. have things that genetically already were born with Comb abilities and so We at a higher rate have contracted coded in have had the highest case fatality as results. So yes we want you to be healthy and yes help the individuals In in a sense Recover relatively quickly concerns. That i have there is that we do not know the science yet on the long term effects that this has On our bodies and organs In the future and so there are some Science that are now showing some effects Once we get some concrete importing around that we definitely will be doing education campaigns around the severity of what this has onto what is virus can do to our bodies for long term because we know younger people especially we have mia have macao's mom. I have college kids. we know younger. People don't see they don't see they would rather take the risk because on his zero zero point. One percent may die If you're a healthy individual so we want to help the individuals to remain healthy and so now it's definitely followed. The messing precautions. Do not put yourself at risk. Yeah those actually wrote on that question about the long-term effects than what we don't know what the long term effects are. People are having problems smelling. Maybe breathing their immune system in over there bronchial. Docu respiratory system bronchial system people. We've known people that were not able to smell and taste for three or four months. I mean we've had people that are have a cough that lingers on for like six months you know you know. Blood clots and things of that nature so definitely urge individuals suits to to stay to remain vigilant on the necessary precautions. Very good guys got anymore questions and or If you I want to hear about your story about why you don't want to get it or why air if you are going to get it so before we get into meritas A story about Her her Vaccinated journey there before she goes to puerto rico I'm jellison just not jealous so we want to talk about. Let's talk a little bit. More about henrietta lacks in just the difficulty that we have with black and brown community I can talk. I know a little bit about you know the black communities problems with medical system we talk about henrietta lacks which you already went through By the book it's amazing when he relaxed her story is so profound. I think is so critical for anyone that really understand to understand what happened to her and just for story in the journey And how many people's lives have been saved because of her So it's a really good read that one. That's pretty thick book there and so The president the movie as well if you can't read about long long so they also these syphilis experiments For forty years on black males when they thought they were getting medication to help and all that kind of stuff and then they weren't in august so and so we get those particular experiments that that african americans know about problem in many others and so Is there anything that has been targeted. The hispanic community latin community as far as their distrust for the medical system. Rascic everything that we've been doing Is make sure they. We present the facts the facts as they are presented. We talk about each of clinical trials. So they'll begin We created a show off some little. I don't know how to do it. So i guess i'll send them to you afterwards. But can you send it to me now or zero at desert share screen option because it might be at the bottom. There are also share screen. I can all right okay. So acting cheer Some images justice can give you an overview wondering if i need to save it under pictures on sunday you might be might just click share screen and you have to have that Pitcher whatever it is pulled up we can just kind of go through slowly here. It is all right. Let's see that. Yes i can see it on so let me just make it bigger.

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