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He lived to be ninety eight science. Just cold coffee or hot coffee. He doesn't really spell out. I mean, it's a little vague. Or we meant to think that he put the coffee in the cornflakes. Yes. Okay. I'm gonna live ever. Then that was migrate grandpa drink his breakfast. Every morning was coffee and yesterday's bread. This is like French bread up in the coffee little soggy. Yeah. Not. So they all bagel. Yeah. I know I'm not opposed the Dale bread just like dipping, bread and coffee. But yeah Scottie exists. It's not that different. If you've just last week somebody wrote in about the idea, I didn't pouring pouring coffee into cornflakes. Yeah. I heard that. I think that's a bad idea. I think it's okay. I think do what you wanna do who fucking judge. It's some fucking coffee Cornflake gatekeeper people need to shut the fuck up about pineapple on pizza. Just get over it. We're trying to live our lives over here. We got bigger fish to fucking fry. So if you wanna put coffee and cornflakes fry fish with the fuck you talking about fried fish, the only fish motherfucker. I don't know that sounds gross all seafood was fried where I come from. So I I'm with you. I'd rather eat that than Saverio meal. This right out. Let's go get some savory oatmeal. After this going out for fish, grownup was fried fish hush puppies on French fries. So Long John silver's. Nothing nothing not local. Okay. All right, but sure nothing nothing not fried on that plate. Email from Corey I took a break from Lhasa wing and dragging innocent civilians who are in the wrong place at the wrong time around the west to play the tetris effect him. Oh, what are your favorite Tetra menas? Personally. I like the I and t polio Mieno's. That's what he wrote here. What is that? Never heard that term before. I thought they were all just Tetra me knows. The five block ones. I don't know what he's getting at also as an I or is that we call the thing that I straight along those that I always called it the long you could refer them as like S, Z T, and I. The three across one down the looks. It looks like a t that got shot and I'm saying like if you had to assign letters to them you could. And I've I've like tetris notation I've seen people use L R S Z, T, L and. But the long oh for the square line lime block. That's such an easy answer. I like the T it's very it's it's the truth t the T E T spin. What exactly is a teaspoon? When you are kind of flipping a piece using the the weird rotation rules. They haven't tetris nowadays. I think it's you're using kind of flip a piece in that way way. Waiting underneath something. Yeah. Okay. I don't understand how it works. I will never understand. How work tetris has gotten weird tetris has gone weird. And now, it's actual tetris has changed. But also, it's still tetris. Yeah. Indeed that demo. Yes. I saw a lot of people playing. Yeah. There's an event in their right? The final game is going to have weekend events in this demo the demo still. Down as of today yesterday. I think but they were running event over the weekend and those. Yeah, I played some of that effect mode and contributed to the community score. Yeah. That last luminaires for Vida had a similar like community contra thing in it. That's cool. I don't know if you noticed tetris effect. It's pretty much luminous with tetris rules. Yeah. And be are. It's pretty it's pretty okay thing to be pretty some might say. It's an idea whose time has come. Sure. Jerry from Wisconsin. This question has been bothering me for literal decades. Now, what is the juice that snoop Dogg mixes with his gin, orange juice? Okay. Every time people like to get fancy with gin and juice and orange grapefruit mix and stuff like that. Like, certainly people that do. Guava? It doesn't sound right. I think John is disgusting. So I I'm not a huge fan. But there are certainly some things I feel like would go better with than orange juice. Like what tonic? No, I mean, other juices. Okay. Mic Amang, apple juice. I don't know. I'm not sure it's just use it very sour gin and apple juice. Jim is very. Christmas tree. Yeah. Was assisted to suit things. Don't feel like they go together..

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