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One eight hundred two two two five two two two John in Redondo uranium seven ninety Hey Randy how are you great Hey you know this is this train is just fiscally conservative persons nightmare and Jerry Brown was loaded with paradoxes one talking about how brown had this idea smaller is better and given the promise that he really believed that why did a he warrants I mean I've got no problem with the immigration obviously I want everybody to all look to get into the country but units from all components for money coming into California map all what kind of documents at central so he obviously didn't want a smaller population the strain the content on a dozen from nineteen not only along population and then it all went up to eighty billion dollars almost happened one real intention liability is right now yeah yet they still say we have a surplus when they do the California budget every year that make a lot of yeah no you cannot believe in the line producers would love to do that John thanks so much for the call eight hundred two two two K. A. B. C. here's some of the money that we're paying for the people that are in charge of the high speed rail authority Sacramento bee has a great resources that California state worker database we find out how much people are making this year how much they were making last year and what do you know the executive director of the high speed rail authority makes four hundred six thousand dollars a year because he's doing such a bang up job and I got a forty thousand dollar raise last year when the last time you and I got a raise David in Torrance uranium seven ninety well when he said there are some things for taking my call I listen to your interview Susan Shelley there I wanted to mention that I think the consultant should be held responsible especially the professional estimators and the professional project managers are they know that a project is defined by the code of the scope cost schedule quality and they know that that could have never been built for that price originally and they're still supporting it to stay so I would definitely go after the anybody that has a professional designation after their name and hold them responsible well in fact I don't know if you remember I think it was last year that one of the head consultants on the high speed rail authority had to be fired because he was so corrupt he was directing all the money to companies he had invested in yeah I I don't remember that but like I say anybody that has been in this business for a long time knows that you have to have control over those four items and they certainly don't have control over those items right now and they never have had control over those items now that's why were twelve years in and still not even close to the beginning of the train David thank you so much for calling if you'd like to comment eight hundred two two two K. A. B. C. one.

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