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Welcome to the six-week drew fire podcast, her new insights from the world business entrepreneurship, and finding its in the digital age super charger roles. With Speaker Paul, the new Newark Noakhali Monroe. What's up at one? Thank you so much for joining me for another episode of the six figure empire podcast. Today with me Mr October Sheikh himself, The seven-figure persuasion, King Aqua How're you doing today? Bro? What's our bro were breathing? So it's a good day or you near in Sydney, I believe I'm based in Dallas, but I am in Sydney at the moment where getting good wire fries. I couldn't lotteries. So is this is this for an event that you're doing or conference were climate revisiting visiting? Tell us, tell us a little bit about what you have going on right now. The funny, It's funny or as their question I actually came out here. Uh, because my wife's families over here and she wanted to visit Dan. And uh, I had to come because she took my kids though. I had become wither alone without my kids in the league. Terrible. So when I got here, which is in the middle of December, rose again or Um, I I wrote my goals for two thousand eighteen like In the end of November ish or some for up and. One of them was to host my first over live event. So when I landed in Sydney And like, you know, want arms, throne of Van. So like I was thinking about it And as I was thinking about, I just took a picture like, of the house so stain. Ah. And are just like, Hey, guys get sore throat event is going to be awesome. Give people like he's going to be some figure blueprint on, you know. Uh, basically you gotta you gotta get in there. You're gonna get a blueprint on how to launch or scale you business to seventy USM beyond and in which each of the mindset funnels organic traffic branding. Everything's going to be seven-figure sum guy hedge. They thought about on the spot took a picture posted it. They on my adjust on my Facebook at inch like, got a bunch of people interested that all, you know, from around the world, then. In a boom shock, a lack of We just finished the event yesterday, man, It was. It was crazy to be ice. These weird men like once you give value to people is just it's just crazy like I don't know like it. I mean, imagine what people coming and I'm and it's what exact I'm not talking about like need like I'm kinda take myself out of the equation, And I'm looking at it Like like from a 30,000 sodium later minute people came from all over the place. As a matter of fact, people applied from all over the world. Chile believed, America utter even remember worlds. I gotta look it up. And people you'll people crying, they're people the, you know, they want to take photos with. Do they give you these awesome testimonies. They come with like your book and like the market a picture with you, and it's like They. When you talk to them, They're like fish to facial. Like expressions changed, the body language is like, you can see you get actually physically see a transformation when you talk to them. Like is my first event. It was wild man, just like when you give actual value that works. I mean, you can really just change the world, man, you can get you can make this world a better place saw. That's what we're trying to do, man, honestly, is that that and that's why did this whole valley, It wasn't about money out all metaph Fact You can even ask, flew my guy my right hand men Max a slimmed-down for America to help now with it, we rented all this camera equipment. All. Uh, we haven't even be never even did any numbers are spreadsheets, are It was We never even had a two-second conversation, right? Because it never was about commodity from the get go. It was it was all all was about the impact that we will try to make with this event. And you know what, I think a at what we've BigMat. Now, he's given me this on jokes who is a very positive. So. So basically, you know, you, you hats go in this trip, a family trip, And you decided Why not make this with my while? Any turned it in to the ultimate mastermind, some experience, and it worked out will for you. We need that is one way to summarize the reticence is truly amazing. Now I came across, I came across UAP are may be about a year ago, year and a half ago I below Wall as what I just started basically, look members there, Right, Right. And and I remember e one post in particular. I think this is when you when you're first to come a couple war Now for those that don't know, comma club is in the click funnels online marketing community. Russell Brunson has an award that he gives out to individuals than make two comments or in an axis over a million dollars through any sales funnel. And so to win this award, of course, you'd have to grows over one million dollars in in sales through a funnel, and you'd have to submit the documentation proving that to the cliff almost seem a community and awkward for the individuals who's been able to do so and added magnificent scale. He's taken over five funnels two seven figures. Consecutively. And you know he's really big on sale psychology. So to tell. I'm a little bit about, You know what you do and how exactly you do it in terms of being able to take so many funnels of his level with with the repetition that you've been able to. Robots, a pretty interesting question pretty heavy question. Um, you know, it's like it's like basically asking, you know, how does a car work? It's there's a lot that goes on to it in our enemy are not one can say, Well, you turn on the engine and in any push, push the gas pedal. Well, you know, there's a lot behind that. Listen, we boiled it down to seven ethical principles of persuasion that would mastered de shoot em saying. Ethical scarcity things such as the great kind of social proof. The right kind of copied the right kind of messaging narrative. The right kind of authority people a pretty bad uh, generally the follows a British Thank you do. And you know, I I'm saying that not like to be negative, but I'm just saying like it was a lot. There's a reason If you're not do well, we'll minders. It's good. There's good news. There's a reason that's happening. There's a formula equal reason. Uh, next not had that in, you know, all the more the likely is a relatively simple problem to fix. So I mean which the which the process I guess from start to finish behind a six-figure or even a seven-figure funnel how I would still which the blueprint rather than one can take starting today on building a blueprint for business in scaling It's seven figures in a reputable amount of time. You need. In order to have a seven-figure falling three things. Okay. The court, in my opinion, Number one, you need a rock solid mindset because the good news is that I feel this game is ninety percent men than the ninety percent mind set, right. Great new because frankly, pretty easy for anyone. Get a good mindset. G, two, two just so it's not genetically you can actually take waste an actual concept. You can actually totally require your brain forty days, And that's a scientific fact. Okay. Uh, you can have a positive mindset. Uh, within forty days of most people have a scarcity mindset, and the need to transfer to an abundant mindset, drink, Lincoln. I'm old hour-long conversation that, but in the summer, right, that really for me anyway, w- way my mind said as his, um. Tremendous gratitude constantly throughout the day which elevates which totally on a cellular level has changed mine The way I think, um, an understanding that everything happens for a reason. Asked, therefore you're not getting frustrated at what a coulda should a and you're you're not polluting your mind with that toxic re group correct. And frustration stress. And number three is understanding that you're no different than that person has hit was making some Vigor's. They just having given up and you and you do And you nor and you do. Uh, how many people do know who's been trying to make a final work, You know, for five years United and who's been insistently trying, uh, and doing three things a day, uh, to scale their business forward the right things, not just like reading endless bullocks or listen to endless podcast or taking in this was not doing anything about it. But like you tell me men, How many people do you know? I haven't made it that that that have not given up eight keep doing at least three things daily to move their visits. Not very many knows zero. I don't I don't I don't know. Anybody I go. I always asked people to come up to me and tell me I haven't had one Burzan. I mean, really? So it's it is that rate is phenomenal news. You know, I wanna I wanna be the bearer of good news in her. Anybody who is on his anybody can do this is just that you need those three things. One was the mindset to you need a phenomenal follows course that funnel. And how do you how do you define us now? A funnel really the age of the seven ethical principles of precision. And I've written a book about this, which on I'll give your audience for free by the way in cuts orders 47 all his luggage audience for free. Um, and number three is you need Traffic. You know you have an awesome funnel also months. It doesn't matter if you don't have any traffic. The interesting thing is like a you know like his essay, right? Like all care, Amana wants him to quick. I wants to be quick and high-quality cheap it up. That doesn't exist. You the Sega's You can you can have only two of those. You can us in the quake all Quicken affordable, but it's not going to be Quality Agusan equality I-in quick, but it's not gonna be cheap. Did what I'm saying. So saved it with these two things like you can't have a awesome fallen great mindset with no Traffic. It's not gonna work jumps, thinks he needs all three these things. And traffic is a whole different conversation. I special, like we've done a ton of revenue recently on over half of night In just organic odd traffic without paying Ron rats, kinda might favor. Former marketing is content based

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