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And then I also feel like you need to have a broad coalition with you supporting us from the minority port because that's important as well. And, you know, most of the legislation that we actually moved through the the process, it's not highly partisan stuff. It may be urban versus rural regional or berry or you know. Do it's language, but not the highly partisan stuff. Did you see and hear about on the news? So, you know, I feel like to be an effective leader in lead a well-functioning house. He need to support, but you need to gather at the right way from from all these regions and in both parties, etc. Having you know, the opportunity to win it, for instance, with sixty Democrats, and and, you know, you know, less than two dozen Republicans is not in my opinion the right way to win it. And I think that that speaks. Would be fighting that the the problems that go along with that the moment why none would find off the right way for price. Well, it comes down to to you know, who can achieve it and who can achieve it. With whom you know what I mean? So you can't do these things by yourself. And so, you know, like, I said the right ways to to elect somebody in a position to get the largest number of Republicans and Democrats, and I'm built like that's where Dennis position themselves. Very well. No sue do. You think? Look, I know that Joe Straus is somebody who you like personally in you respect shown, let's say professionally even though you're citizen legislatures, but the knock-on Strauss in quite frankly, the fodder foreign power Texans, which slandered Bob Duncan. Make no mistake about it. There. There is always been that. He was elected by Democrats is that what you were trying to avoid in doing it, quote the right way. Yeah. You know, in a sense, that's part of it not not really all of it. But I guess the reality is there's a lot of members who feel like that's one headache that you can easily avoided. You know, just the the narrative that you're not even supported by your own party or something like that. Which again, you know, when when speaker Straus was elected back in two thousand nine the body was seventy six seventy four news actually elected by LeMay shin. Even though I think the the the Genesis or catalyst brought that to bear was was more Democrats than Republicans back in online. But you know, I think folks wanted to avoid in say folks, a lot of members a lot of Republican members certainly wanted to avoid just some of the headaches and issues that go along with being elected in the manner that folks have you know, tried to deem for, you know, void it. You can definitely afford it. Okay. We're almost done with you for price. But this is just intriguing to a lot of people who. Attention state politics, which is listeners the most influential form of government in your day to day life. Tell me about the commerce whatever you can say to me the conversations with Bont..

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