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A birthday party for the late senator Strom Thurman as I recall it was senator Thurmond's one hundredth birth one hundredth birthday and Trent Lott said some nice positive things about Strom Thurman Strom Thurman was around obviously a long time he was at one time a segregationist from the south he I'm certainly amended his ways apologized for his segregationist past he was a product of the Deep South he was beloved and you know for many people he made it right in his later years hundred years hundred years old birthday party Trent Lott says he's a good man I voted for him for president good guy Happy Birthday senator Thurman that was it for Trent Lott as the Senate Majority Leader media went nuts there were demands for his resignation they pretty much random out of town on a rail you just don't do that you can't wish Strom Thurman a Happy Birthday can't say he'd make up an old man feel good by saying he'd made a good president you can't say that about a former segregationist now let's fast forward to this week let's listen to senator Chuck Schumer he's up at some pro abortion rally this is an event hosted by the center for reproductive rights on the steps of the U. S. Supreme Court Chuck Schumer the iconic senator from New York she said in a very ominous tone that a couple of Supreme Court justices aren't even gonna know what hit him listen to this cut number one courtesy of gradient I want.

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