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The entire time he's taking video close up shots and videos of sexygirls walking up and down the aisles your child yeah as you can imagine there are a lot of young girl that the ufc game and he's quick video of this in rent brazenly there there's a game going on pictures the girls walking up and down the aisle how is it gets were during this day of free porn all over the internet like whose status thing other hazardous they go in and talent and it's very obvious everywhere christie is horrified she's like coming to say something that mrs like don't you see anything you shut your mouth horrified i at what point i turn around two out of forget why guy behind me butmir summit that was near turn around and his girlfriend is looking announced the words to me like looking at the guy everyone can see what this guy's doing my question to you get to different answers hero or creep oh come on out of i as you in no no interest in the game as you know as the person who at some point was nine in it mr vendex's house in freaked out that someone would see that the grip came apart on his badminton racket that i'm insanely selfconscious about putting people off offer acting weird front of people are like holding people up i don't like going to a restaurant where they set you at a table they said a single person next year i don't even like i'm hearing what i have to say i'd like to fly on of the radar so doing things that can alert a whole group around you to ask certain nefarious behavior nieto the video he's not hiding the camera up better angle you just sort of sailing through it without batting an eye this was the twelve time by the way i and i finally got the video there's a part of me that's very jealous of that guy because that guy is not selfconscious that guy unity have that feeling of.

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