Marc Goldwein: Forgiving Student Loans Will Make Inflation Worse


Even on CNN, even on CNN, an economics professor, a federal budget expert. Somebody named Johns Hopkins, economics professor Mark Goldwyn, was on with CNN's poppy Harlow. Poor poppy seemed flabbergasted to hear an economics professor confirm that forgiving student debt will make inflation worse that's sort of the catch 22 of this all. We can send everybody another round of checks to pay for their inflation costs. But that would actually make inflation worse. What we need to do now is get inflation out of control. One of the easiest ways to do that is to ask people to start paying back the debt they already owe. To start making the principal payments that they already agreed to. And by the way, while not everybody that has students at is rich, disproportionately, student debt is being held by people that have advanced degrees and be good income, and they can bear it a lot more than everyday Americans that are seeing the cost of their gasoline and clothing go up.

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