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Wild pitch is the big story of the day. Podcasts first off one of politics is I Had some computer issues at my home. That kept me from being other record. This podcast every day but hopefully those have been resolved now so I can get this back out to you on a daily basis here. On the franchise podcast network which is indeed sponsored by new balance and Edmund. Make sure you head up to new balance and get those people to take care of you. They do a great job. I actually just made a trip up to that store At fourteen thousand two South Bryant Avenue in Edmond Oklahoma Right there in the Spring Creek Plaza. And let me say the staff was awesome. They measured my foot. They made sure I was in the right size. I've actually been buying the wrong pair of shoes or wrong size if shoe for quite some time and they kind of set in the right direction got hooked up with a pair and they're the most comfortable shoes at owns a new bounce. Edmund a great sponsor here the big story today podcast I also sponsored by Lucky Casino out and Contra Oklahoma an awesome place to go hang after looking to gamble the only place that I play. Blackjack OUT NOW. They have tons of slot machines. They actually have a great selection of shows and Comedians. That come through there too. And they're big auditorium. So make sure you keep up with everything going on Lucky Star casino but this is the big story today. Podcast brought to you by the franchise PODCAST Network Oklahoma City. Currently on a one game losing streak follow to Shellacking that they received from Milwaukee I truthfully I don't feel like breaking down this game too much without digital gallon. Rem playing the best team in the NBA at least for the regular season. A loss like this is something that we probably should have come to expect on the second night of back to back. Pat Coniston scored fourteen George Hill scored fourteen Robin Lopez put a twelve and Yoenis thirty two with a plus forty four net rating at twenty seven minutes. I don't need to tell you how it standing Jaanus was. One thing I will say taking away from this ball game dino a gallon Nari actually was sitting out on the second night of a back to back as he has all season but the thing of note here was at Hamadu. Diablo got the start in his place. Now obviously did not work again. Fifty point loss. I get it. But here's what I do like billy. Donovan continues to try to be aggressive to get creative solutions. Most people assume coming into your that Chez Gilles Alexander Dish and Chris. Paul could never sit on the floor together. The exact same time for defensive reasons yet. They're the best lineup in the NBA. Lou Door a two way contract should never be starting for extended period of time yet. He started almost twenty games now in his time with Oklahoma City. Billy Donovan Time and time again is shown the affection for the creative solution and it's worked out the other thing. I would take away from this one steven Adams plates seventeen minutes. But he had by far the best plus minus of anyone on the team minus five so maybe whenever the Thunder Roll ran against Houston net may look different than Milwaukee replaces similar similar style. Stephen Adams might be able to hold his own on the floor. Something to monitor but overall Oklahoma City was coming into that game on a six game win streak and not to act like the win over the Chicago Bulls was exactly outstanding or the win over the Sacramento. Kings really added a whole lot of hope in good luck for the rest of the season wins over the Pelicans nuggets and the Spurs are all three that thunder fans should look at with positive momentum heading into the year thirteen game. Sit Between Chris Paul and this thunder team and getting to the fifty win mark. Something Russell. Westbrook never did his time alone in Oklahoma City and it actually seems plausible tonight. The thunder will be facing off against the Los Angeles Clippers. And as of right now the time of this recording truthfully have not entirely sure. Who's going to be showing up for? The Clippers is Kawhi Leonard or Paul. George be sitting out. I don't know the clippers are coming off a win against the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers a team. That's really been reeling in the Eastern Conference without Joel. Embiid Ben Simmons. So it's safe to assume that the clippers will not be at full strength which they've only been eight times this entire season so a possible winnable game here for Oklahoma City. The thunder of actually defeated the Clippers in the past this season. Espn matchup predictor. Has this game as a fifty fifty tossup I assume purely based on the fact that Oklahoma City's of their home floor and they have no idea Paul George or Kawhi Leonard Are GonNa play Games off at seven. Pm We'll be on Fox southwest. If you're looking at watching that one and the Oklahoma sooners had to win three of their final five games bracket allows you told us to make into march madness. Well with wins over Texas Tech in West Virginia. Oh you is sprinting. Towards the finish line at pleasantly surprising rate trying to finish the regular season strong headed into the big twelve tournament. Oklahoma only stands with Texas. As again they'll be played in Norman. Tonight at eight. Pm game will be broadcast. Live on the franchise seven seven in Oklahoma City and then the final game of the year on the road against Tcu Horn frogs again bracket allergy tells us that if oh you went either one of those games. They almost assuredly lock themselves into the tournament but with wins over Texas Tech in West Virginia. Back to back outings. Chance so you is already maybe finalized their spot for the big dance either way long career in a scrappy. Bunch of transfers and freshman really misfits from other programs find themselves. Exactly what you expected them to be fourth in the big twelve on the outside chance of things break right maybe make it a little bit deep of a run into the big twelve tournament as well as making March madness. Now they're not going to be a high seed and likely will be eliminated in the first or second round if they don't have to play into playing game but either way. This season should be considered a success. Oh you trying to recover. After having big time talent in their wings for the past few seasons including the likes of trae young and buddy healed now trying to find their new identity heading into next year but either way. This is absolutely a victory for Oklahoma. I don't know how much everyone on this podcast knows about the name about dimension. But there's a guy catching waves in the NBA. Right now putting up. Quite the season shake Milton. A point guard is filled in for Ben Simmons and the absence due to a back. Injury has stepped in nicely for the sixers and put up thirty nine points on Sunday night against Los Angeles Clippers on a nationally televised game now shake Milton. It's not a four year deal. Dropped out of the second round making no money. So it's a pleasant surprise for the clippers because a minimum salary guy being able to contribute the way that he has so far really adds to an offense and death for championship level team. Now why is this important for you? Shake Meltzer Oiseaux Oklahoma. Try LOCAL KID. Someone who most people. I did not know coming out of high. School is putting a big numbers. He played his college ball at Smu and only twenty three years old right now in a second season the NBA. Now in these starting roles he's put up seventeen seven twenty nine thousand nine hundred and thirty nine points and back to back to back to back games local. Oklahoma kid getting it done in the sad thing is. I assume most of you don't even know he's from Oklahoma. If you're looking for more reasons to cheer for the sixers other than Sam Hinkie the former general manager being from my hometown marlow Oklahoma shake Milton by be. That reason shake has been great this year and he showed an incredible ability to score on and off the ball in an awesome shooting ability. I have no idea if this is gonNA maintain and truthfully I was hesitant to mention it for quite a while. But now Shaka's played almost the entire year for the seventy sixers on fully guaranteed contract and after a slow start to the season where he wasn't getting playing time in recent months as close as February he's put up huge numbers inconsistent offensive outing shake a guy from Oklahoma that we all should be thankful for because he's representing Oklahoma's well so shall shake Milton by your shake Jersey and someone for the love of God at a restaurant. Come up with a shake. Milton milkshake that's just too easy. Kenneth Murray Jalen Hurts Neville Gallimore as well. Cd LAMB or all the four big names that people should be paying attention to in the NFL draft. Now I could go on a rant for a long time. Why don't think Jalen hurts going to make it as an NFL quarterback at the next level? I could also tell you. I think Kenneth Murray might struggle in his first three four seasons before my maybe finding a permanent home elsewhere after the team drafts him too high in this upcoming draft or why. Cd Land might be the best receiver to ever come out of Oklahoma when it's all said and done and I know I know the context to me saying that I'm just saying it's possible but the thing I think more sooner fan should be talking about and maybe being excited about is the concept of Porno Motley more than likely. We'll be drafted in somewhere. In the top five rounds.

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