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Shut up and tan switches just like it's just that sort of like white bear which i i've come around a little bit on white bear but i still don't really like that much as it is you if scared me the first time area but i feel like dance unlike i'm an idiot because i got tricked but i just autographs trick because it never lazy trash yaoming here yeah i didn't see i you know there's there's enter yeah you don't see it coming because they never really gave a hint about it noted because his sister walks in on a masturbating and he's really embarrassed of you think it's just because he's masturbating than you realize leaders 'cause he was mass dreamed child porn well it's fuck even it's mental in it it's may no i'm totally any man bells hill men toying with the wto there there's very very bleak episode this season i don't know if you guys have seen crocodile i really liked that one at all i couldn't handle crocodile it was like iskoe oil is the winding yourself over the head there should arf whist at that and that's like a little too stupid it's just so does so deprioritize who like sometimes those twists because like sometimes the really bleak twists search just really funny you know but wet wish what was the owner don't tell me notice leagues line kenneth wanted now but i doubt my ice i did watch crocodile i just can't really remember it because i didn't really think it was that interesting but that's the one with the insurance woman who had and they think is yet i'll the spoiler alert no eight but seriously spoiler syria is she murderers the baby because she thinks that saw her murderer someone else but the raid the baby was blind yes stupid ethics i saw snow is on a diet again a big again he thinks saw her yeah brings us back to rodents by the way yeah i gather that episode i didn't like allied that also side note that song anyone who knows what love is erma thomas has been everywhere.

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