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This is an ABC podcast. Welcome to sides friction on the Tesha Mitchell, and with great news show has won the science and medicine category. At this is strident podcast award. We are so thrilled about that. And thank you for listening. So in today's episode ease genomic science to want a striking story of the Shawqi gate when you do a genetic history tests, and the problems earned in your DNA there in the science. Oh man. So I want you to make mercury to buy. Oh my gosh. So she's an American Palestinian, cartoonist illustrator leaving in Brooklyn, New York. And when she started to draw well, it kind of helped his stop making sense of the world. When I was younger, all they wanted to do was draw as for more Fiqh fantasy characters who were exploring some fantasy world adventuring. Trying to figure out the meaning of war. Yeah. You matz. I she was an intense keyed us. I relate to that. I'm not even joking. That was my first comic when I was like thirteen or fourteen trying to figure out the meaning of war. Yes, the whole flood, it was really hard core. Was trying to figure out the world. Her family stories. We're helping figure out a self my family. So my Palestinian side of the family were originally from.

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