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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, good morning. This very strong storm system moving in. That means a blizzard warning for the Denver metro area from ten AM until midnight tonight for most of us will see anywhere from five to eight inches of heavy. Wet slushy snow some spots along. The Palmer divide cassia to a foot a wind gusts to sixty miles per hour today. So the promises the snow falls is going to be blowing and that could cause visibility to drop near zero even here in the Denver metro area. It's not just on the eastern plains tonight. Snow and blowing snow will drop to route twenty two mostly stole wrap up before sunrise tomorrow morning. Ba can't rule out a few flurries early tomorrow. Otherwise, just cold on Thursday with a high of thirty four sunny on Friday, forty two sunshine for the Saint Patrick's Day weekend with highs near fifty from CBS forum Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM light rain showers right now thirty nine degrees in Denver now on Colorado's morning news. If you are waking up you'll see a little bit of rain and drizzle. Forecasters still calling for a blizzard though to move in. Russell Danielson is with the national weather service during the late morning hours. Between say nine am to eleven or noon will transition over to snow and the big concern or some of those high winds snow will pile up around the metros. Well, read eight inches of snow expected by Wednesday evening and most of the region region gonna be under a blizzard warning as of ten this morning. It sounds like the blowing wind is what they're mostly worried about the incoming storming. Cdot has a lot of equipment on the roads. Ready to clear the way traffic specialist. Ryan Drake tells us crews will not be laying down. I sir planning on pre treating metro area because looking at pretty warm temperatures already condition for worse. Snow starts to accumulate Drake says the most serious conditions will be out on the eastern plains where they're already seeing high winds. Can't wait newsradio's Connor shreve has been out on the roads already this morning talking to folks and joins us live with a picture of what we can expect kind of just drizzle where you are right now. Connor it is up on the north side April. Yeah. And I've talked to drivers who are doing. A number of things some are heating, the weather service's warning to.

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