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You mentioned the Brown. Have a Baker Mayfield was able to do coming on in relief. When tyrod Taylor went down up against the jets. That was something spectacular and say, you know, what it is. You know, I listen, I did it. I had a family. My wife's family. They all Cleveland Browns fans. I sent him. I can do this. Yeah. Every christmas. I got it. Yeah. I think Baker Mayfield what he's done. He played against Georgia out that arose ball, man. That guy's a athlete is pattern. And that's the reason why number one overall. So to me, I think you draft the guy to be your quarterback put a man let him take your lumps. You know, let them learn the game because he's your future. So I just love the moxie that he has I like swag. The guy is full of confidence. I think that's something that you need to have at that position at quarterback. Tyrod Taylor is a great player. I like tyrod. But like I say you don't draft the number one overall pick to sit on the bench. I'm just let him go out there and play you take your lumps and let them later to the game by going out there and play. I think he's exciting and for Cleveland to get their first win, and they'll have two games excited for them to do that. Hines great stuff. Best of luck. With the alliance of American football d- ruined for you. We'll talk again down the road. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you anytime by phone conversation right there with Hines ward. And a lot to take away from that. Clearly, we had some fun with him to talking about his career has new venture with the af. And I'm curious to see how that league will pan on out. And then the dancing with the stars stuff was great where he was talking about how he was afraid to to wants dance, and I have confidence in his he ends up winning dancing with the stars. And he is operatives dance before in the past that he didn't even go to his high school prom. But then you get into the stuff about the Pittsburgh Steelers. But then Tonio Brown I thought he hit the nail right on the head. He said, he's embarrassed. And he believes that in Tonio Brown was wrong for the outbursts. You get into the whole topic of conversation with Twitter and social media. And there was just no need for aid to respond to the former Pittsburgh Steeler staffer for comment. That was just stupid of its own. But there's times where athletes are going to respond to those haters because they received so much hate and eventually catch on a bad day. And he's gonna respond to it just been with all that transpired throughout that week with Tim with the whole issue with the reporter then the outburst in the game. Then you respond to that. Then you don't Trump to work on Monday. I really do agree at Hines ward. There's a time and a place for social media now because it's so much a part of our life, but really he should focus on football more. And that's what Hines ward is really hit home there. And then you get to the whole Levy on bell situation. And he defended Tomlin which is. All right. It's okay. I think Tomlin needs to get more control of his football team though, saw disagree with him on that. And some of it is the players, but have a lot of drama there. But then you get his comments on EON bell, and how the Steelers players have handled it and he said, hey, that's an unwritten rule. You don't talk about another grown man's contract situation. And he was surprised. See those comments from the Pittsburgh Steelers pliers because you never know when you get into a contract dispute of yourself..

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