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I say it all the time i have a light showed on today so i run my business like i have a light sure is clean and it is supposed to be run but unfortunately wells doesn't get it this is the third time richard they've done this i think thorough report time and this is a pretty sizeable the but you know it it actually breakaway begging you they were talking about because of people actually what what china banking as it rich fractional lie banking explains my listeners what that means please arguing like like world walker awake bay pikal while let me by in the whole thing if you give me enough time all right bait by getting other minute michael by a two hundred pounds bala home i glad anna i sign on the dotted line or would they do they take my signature and they breakfast laid out ten pint but another word might thing that you're on a two hundred thousand bolo homeless back we work who million ballots than a bang though in nato as they fractional i thought the who million dollar with my signature i'm i i look you wear that now i would they do high degree of the weed own we'd on obviously do that and i have never heard of that being done before the guy and i have a compliance lawyer who deals with the cfpb and she's you know very hungry with these people so she knows the laws like you know you know your wife's but my point is is that you know i've never heard of that so thank you for introducing a to us i appreciate what they do now they loaned out eighty percent of that too lehenbauer which was only one point the set well yeah would would leave one point eight billion dollars i i mean when they arrived at one point eight billion dollars and then they at one point eight million dollars again and then on the other thing too that they get on those long they loan that out another eighty percent another way they can probably get a bumpy b five six million dollars on your signature when it's all said and done that's why they run at the trouble all the time his legal gusting he i'd not a good thing you to learn the banking.

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