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Got a wreck streak. Don't we? Man. Oh, man. Rockies cat down here. And ready for liftoff were to see it w come out of this thing Rockies need a win tonight. Essentially is how this works out Cory Lopez. We're less than a half hour away. Rockies in-depth coverage from Chavez ravine in Los Angeles. And I would assume sunny California, most of the time out there. We got a little rain here that would have caused some problems, but the Rockies are on the road they need to get a win here. Just like they did in San Francisco saved the last game. Get the win. Don't get swept in the series. And you can hang around a little bit. I know I feel like I keep saying it. But man, you gotta find a way to get a W here tonight. You get too far back after tonight, you belong at ten games lapped and you had to Arizona, although I'm not sure zone is putting out their best lineup. We'll explain coming up for you in just a bit. We're going to talk with our friends Hobart Ortho Colorado hospital that would be Dr David Steiner who's gonna jump on board would talk about elbow issues. Seems pretty timely doesn't it? We will talk to him a little bit about Trevor story and the possibilities of him being back by the weekend. It certainly sounds like it from the folks that have had the opportunity to talk with Trevor today, he feels even better according to the Twitter verse out there, and that's good news. All these not penciled into the lineup tonight. You know, who is pencilled into play shortstop tonight. Ian, Desmond looks like bud. Blacks going all offense here tonight. So desperate OB at shortstop. And j MAC is going to be at first base. They're going to get the lefty into the lineup against the right hander Walker. Bueller? You've got par in left field. David doll is going to be in right field. And of course, Charlie Blackmon DJ. Lemay Hugh Nolan are not normally in there. I n that'll be the dish. But the possibilities later in the game. You could have cargo come off the bench. You could have Matt Holliday come off the bench. So he's setting it up to try to get after this. Unbelievable rookie who's playing pitching. Well, think about it. He had a stint down in triple eight but seven five two point eight ERA didn't get a lot help early on. And once he's figured things out where he's pretty good. He doesn't have a decision against the Rockies. Okay. And they got bombed a little bit by the Rockies. That's before he kinda fix some things Tyler Anderson going for the Rockies here tonight. We'll go through what happened last night a little bit. Chris Taylor solo home run proposed stayed up late last night heard. It watched it. It was tough. They asked adamant of beano to go more than an inning anti-hunger slider there and Taylor took him out in the bottom of the tenth inning. Boy. Oh boy. Clayton Kershaw wasn't a part of the going seven innings Rockies got to a little bit. But man, it was tough. Kyle Freeland looked really good last night. And you just could not help him out and get the win. And there's a change in the way the rotations going to go here the rest of the way this season. So we'll explain all of that. As we continue on Kevin up. Bottom of the hour. We will talk. Well, we'll head out to Shabazz re Iraqis on-deck time at seven thirty take you into game three the final game of the season series as well for the Rockies and the dodgers and the Rockies need to get themselves. A w we'll take a break come back. Dr David Schneider is going to join us next. This is Rockies countdown here on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. It.

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