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But if there if it doesn't seem like there's an immediate risk or crisis moment you can always encourage someone who may be struggling to seek out mental health treatment there is no shame in taking care of your mental health and seeing a mental health care professional here just says if we weren't feeling good physically we would call a doctor go and take care of our physical health and we want to make sure that we're creating a culture and supporting one another in a way that we encourage others when they may not be feeling their best mentally to also be comfortable enough to go out and seek treatment for their mental health and be proactive in taking care of oneself yeah and and by the way a follow up this was a little more than a year ago this person's doing fine alcohol that's so good to hear still check up if I haven't seen them in awhile I still check up and it's it's all it's all good now all that's great that's good and then and I said I sent a recording of our last interview as well. I heard that they listened to it. also a little bit about A. F. S. P. the American foundation for suicide prevention absolutely so we are the leaders in the fight against suicide we are a national organization we have representation in chapters in all fifty states we are fast growing and we are here with a mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide and there are four key areas of interest I'd that we really focus on in order to achieve our mission and that is one that we are the largest private funder of suicide prevention research which is so incredibly vital Hey and finding out you know why do people die by suicide because of we can answer that question we know that we can intervene and save lives on the front end and from that research we also develop suicide prevention educational programming that we deliver through our chapter level at no cost to the community and that's really and thanks to you he's out of the darkness walk that I know that we're going to talk about but we bring educational programs resources as well as loss in healing services to the community as well because we know that survivors of suicide lost they need caring and support it's a very complicated type of grief so we definitely want to show support to that community and then the fourth area of interest that we work on is also advocacy efforts where we work with our legislators at the national state and local levels to pass laws that we believe will save lives I'm Bernie Lucas we're talking with Ellen Shannon director of the national capital every chapter of the American foundation for suicide prevention and bodhi from big one hundred is here were we're talking about events that are coming up he's part of it that's an incredible statistic that we started with that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US get more than war right it is a more them war natural disasters and homicides combined. which when I first learned that statistic I was in complete shock Jonathan kidding me right in buying. so what can we do about it and one of the things is the out of the darkness walks so you've got one coming up and bowed he's going to be part of this we do we have we've got a few coming up we actually had to already in September we've had our Manassas and loud and walks but still to come we've got the Fairfax out of the darkness walk which is going to be October fifth of veterans amphitheater insanity that is a Saturday and thirty will be there with us with his walk team and it's going to be a great day it's a beautiful event beautiful vango lots to do not you can learn about a ton of resources in the community that can help you can connect with other walkers learn other people's stories of why they walk because so many people are affected by suicide in so many different ways it's a great opportunity just to bring this issue out of the darkness and into the light and create that community of support and a culture that smart about mental health we're gonna be at the veterans amphitheater in Fairfax yeah this is gonna be my first time at one of these events Allen can you explain the framework of the day what's the day look like lot of people ask that question because they don't know what to expect when you go to a suicide prevention walk and it's actually a day filled with lots of hope lots of people lots of things to do when you first arrive you'll check in at our registration area and then you can get your T. shirts are your honor beads all of.

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