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Eric Garcetti sells connects he is determined to see that everyone who takes part in violence across the city is tracked down and punished we will find those who are setting fires that could kill people firing guns as we got somebody that could have murdered someone destroying businesses and stealing from them this is not who Los Angeles is this is not who we are at our best or at our worst moments and so all I can say is there will be consequences arrests will be made more than arrests for those that we find with this criminal conduct prosecutions and jail time will be served can access the mayor if he thinks that outside agitators might be involved he says that's not clear at this point but in any case response has to be the same with certainly seen nationwide people trying to exploit the situation but either from here or where they come to here who might be trying to change the conversation from racial justice to look at how out of control America is in a matter what your politics are left or right those who seek to destabilize whether they're here whether it's foreign actors whether it's domestic terrorist groups or just people who would lose because they think they can get away with criminal behavior all of them are a threat to all of us and that's why we have to pull together and keep our city held together LA city councilman marquis Harris Dawson says he's not happy about the idea of National Guard troops being called in to help some further and rest he says he thinks the LAPD and sheriff's department should be able to handle the situation themselves and he tells get external it's to be a closer look into why the violence has erupted the other thing that's important to note we certainly every civilian account that I've read these actions that happens at the point that the police confront the crowd you know peace as far as we know when a reporter asks you to cry was marching because peaceably from pan Pacific park to the area near third and Fairfax and you know the the then there was an engagement with the police and then the thing turned violent LAPD chief Michael Moore says he welcomes the national guards a good partnership.

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