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Experimenting with these hybrid visits where we would do you know telehealth visit and then folks which is come on for lab vaccines, and so that's really help their families come in and I think you know we're pretty data driven, and so we really leverage the power of our electric China medical record to see like who is in Carrington needs to come into Kerr have a integrated care model where we have I wonder. who had caught care coordinators reaching out and calling patience and injecting any concerns they might have and really explaining the importance of vaccines and really getting people scheduled and adjusting those concerns of life insurance or things like that. That might be very young. It's hard to wrap your head around because you're trying desperately to not get us in that situation where there's an outbreak before you have to say now you know. Yeah. You know changing relationships. You know being folks we used to see folks more than and our more online we have been having when they distribution events of like applies food connecting people to resources and just making sure that every patient contract especially with families. With kids really kind of communicating how how to connect with us being what their barriers are and really working to connect them to carry. That's definitely concern that we have and and becks nations are big priority for for. Getting the patient and especially our pediatric providers. Astounding story can find it in chocolate, but it's also one that is happening in the communities here in Chicago Ted. Standard is director of quality and practice transformation, Esperanza health centers, and Jamal Malone Great Conversation Chief Executive Officer at ADA S, Mckinley community services, sounding the alarm that the rates of childhood vaccinations in Chicago area are going down. Thanks so much for joining us as well. Thank you. and. That is today's reset for more conversations like this. Make sure you subscribed WBZ's reset and take five seconds literally five seconds to give us a rating it helps other people find. Enjoy the day I'm Justin Kauffman will catch you right back here tomorrow..

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