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Lots of sunshine in store for our Monday it online I witness news meteorologist Kissinger creamy I'm Dave all continued our team coverage a deadly shooting not far from a middle school in Daytona beach officers say the vehicle drove through a fence and hit Campbell middle school on keep street last night want to stop they found eighteen year old Eric Gordon in the driver seat with a gunshot wound to the head paramedics flew in to Halifax hospital where he died and shed aligns Carloway reporting former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announcing today his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination by Bloomberg city is running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America Bloomberg said is unique set of experiences in business government and philanthropy will help him win and lead Bloomberg is preparing to spend thirty seven million dollars on an initial ad by Erin to Turkey ABC news New York a prediction on fox news this morning from former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon Nancy Pelosi is risking now her speakership by continue to press on and even trying to have an impeachment vote Washington insider Jamie to pre looking at the impeachment inquiry hearings last week tap the Jamie button in the news that a six point five W. D. B. O. app Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg it's been discharged from hospital the eighty six year old entered Friday after experiencing chills and fever the stage is set for tonight's American music awards in Los Angeles Taylor swift as a chance to set a record for most AMA winds of all time the pop star is nominated for five awards frozen too I seen the competition at the north American box office the new.

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