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Of some back probably back yada me sort. Let's go reportedly reportedly hordley. 'cause we're reporters. Yes emil. You've been saying this for so long that i now have other people d._m. Being like hugh freeze through his backout jerkin. It did that same call that independent confirmation. That's two sources awesome jeff scholtz have this on his twitter feed by midnight two sources you freeze its deck and you freeze his hand. There you go. I ah this is like pulling off a scab and you know there's blood but you just keep yanking out it 'cause it's now. There's so many words so close to each other. I don't like these you freeze scabbed it. Do you think at some point during the game because he was in a bed he was tempted tempted to masturbate and then he was like out windows still didn't nobody was watching this game. I'm gonna have a rare defense. If you freeze here if you're just sitting around for global didn't talk about half of all guys sitting in bed for two hours would sort of think once like having reclining box exactly like maybe oh i forgot breath breath fox poop in a bed column you freeze jacking off in the press box should torpedo the concept of coaches reclining in the press box for good. That's what he was doing. When dino vapors gives them the thumbs up from the field and has to go like oh. I brother hand check yeah. That's the youth group buster and thanks for the bye week. We appreciate it. There's one person who suffers in the situation. That's quarterback buckshot jones that is that is liberties quarterback buckshot jones he is <hes>. I believe that came to mind northwestern that you're underselling the name here calvert. I'm sorry bookshop calvert yeah. He's replacing hold big flank whole big flank squat thrust his predecessors <hes> yeah buckshot if go look at his picture you can go buckshot calvert prompt picture and he's not he's. There's jim mcmahon thing going on man with b._y._u. Jim mcmahon not the kinda guy. You think would go b._y._u. Same with buckshot calvert go go look at his prom photos. I'm very sad that his team only scored seven lumpy franken cried calder calder her dear appoints rick cheek warmer like dirk steak face like the mattress beneath you freeze warrior stunk sounded now look man. We're like a u._t._s._a. Kinda guy yes slim chest at the <unk> liberty liberty monster chuck team <music>.

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