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Said you can download it and buy and sell. Bitcoin super super easy to do download the cash from the app store. Google play store today Hey you're who's back. The week of the week is red. Bull racing okay one. They won in france this week. And that's now to racist since we've had him on and to to wins so horner is locked in on the toilet that he likes to listen. And they're i think they're in i in the in the overall standings now right red bulls. Yes they are in the constructors constructor's cup and daniel carter had a good race as well. So the pmt f is real This was the first time. I woke up a little hung over and i was like. Oh i can actually watch this. It's kind of it's we still gotta use. I love the show. I really do the show. I binge it like two weeks. it's still. I'm getting used to watching live. Because i don't really know what's going on. Well follow like who's doing well and who's not to follow and there are a lot of people online who are pretending. They know a lot more where it's like. Just just let's all just admit here that we don't know what we're talking about we're gonna overtake is about the only thing we're gonna figure it out towards push push push push. That was mega I something about just waking up and having a an announcer with an english accent soothing. Yeah it just works. I've got a really bad take but it's something that truly believes so. Share it with you guys in this room here. I think the cars are too loud. Know if they could make a worse just like twenty percent less noisy. Do you know what i'd be all in. I was actually listening to an f. One podcast no big deal Sounds accelerated it is They were actually saying they were. They were lamenting that. The cars are too soft. Oh really they have gotten a lot softer with like the alleged violation. Everything they used to be true. American not actually american muscle americans of and dick in fucking okay. I have a car that blows your ears out kinda engine. How 'bout this. I'll go either one of two ways with it. Make him a little bit softer or make them just really fucking loud. Yeah it doesn't sound like his right now. It just reminds me of the sale is in car forum. We were there in the background. And it's a high pitch. Tom and kind of annoying. So if it was a little bit quieter. I'd be happy. Or if it was just like make your bowls shake without one if you want to be real f. one okay. The cars are too soft too soft. There's it's become reasoning toy cars. Yeah it's the push affiliation of america europe. Yeah no seriously they. That is like a big. That's actually real complaint. Okay you talked me into it. I'm on board with it. is that it. Hey also track and field and swimming. Tis the season you. Oh i saw someone. I fuck. I can't remember. I should've screenshot at someone tweeted out and i thought it was a great idea ever. I'm sorry they're not giving you credit. Please let me know. I'll give you credit the olympics. If they had a lane for just regular average people for comparison would be so incredible if they had the tenth lane in a swimming pool. Be like all right. Let's find us like a fifteen pound overweight guy and just let him swim just to show how slow an average person was. it would be so fascinating to watch. I'd be cool. That another two ideas that i would have for so we'll also like the pool different colors. I think that'd be sick if it was like the Like eastern washington field or the central michigan. Like gimme some different. Looks to the plainfield and then if you took what. If one of those lanes just was basically an aquarium so you had all sorts of natural life in the pool but there was like glass that divided it so they weren't going to swim into the other guys lanes but just like in the middle of the pool. You get some octopuses. You get some some flounder. Maybe a couple of sharks. I think that'd be sick. Is i pitched that idea to mark cuban new the real shark tank where it's a pool full sharks and if you get to the other side then you get investment in your deal. Yeah i mean that sounds. It would be fun to watch. Sounds good too but it would be nice to see some marine life in the water. Yeah i will settle for the die. The myth die that makes the color when pissing the pool Just so we can watch them like. Hey that person pets yeah they all do but it'd be to watch in real time like up. They've pissed up. They passed in if the die was actually brown so it looked like the shot. Yeah that'd be fun either way just normal people like a normal guy just throwing the shot put eighteen feet yup. Just be very funny thing to watch all right. What's your oh who's back. Who's back of the week is couch. Cost weber's back in a big way. My favorite baseball player couch warburg. He's a not for life. We love him in the city. We're going to keep them. We're gonna do whatever it takes to keep house warrior home in dc. For as long as we can t embodies he embodies trying to troll. You catch no. I'm not loved zing. I love him to go. You're trying to look at that guy. Okay for what i'm saying is i i love him. I'm happy that he's doing what like he's the type of guy retailer that i don't like he could go to any ticket. Maybe even i would even say i would probably not say it out loud but if he was on the cardinals news hitting home runs. I'd still like there'd be small part it'd be like fuck. Yeah schwab or you're the best. Three home runs today to home runs yesterday. License on he hit. I think it four last weekend. Yes so i think he's had what eight home runs in the last week. Yes pretty good week for gosh works. We're doing what it takes to stay in. Dc hopefully win several world series with us go into whole famous national. Mr net is what we're calling calcium. Either who's again you can't. I'm not saying i wore. You totally watched every Schwab i watched him today. I have. I have a an alert. That setup like remember when they used to cut into mark maguire homerun chase which warriors up. It's like i call him swore bombs and he's a few of those join it and then my other who's back of the week is burner accounts because josh allen allegedly burner account he was he joking about it definitely. Are you serious. He kidding about for sweet. I read billy's log about god because this is that was like the biggest joke my blog. It joe. okay. I didn't read all billy's blog but i i was hoping josh allen would've had a burner account knows it was very clear joke. Okay click bait move. Click bait move on billy's part and you cooked with bated by billy. Wow okay Myers bags actually billy. Because i was walking by the kitchen and he was Completely seriously telling hank that he should do a little cycle of hgh. And i just. It just felt good going from last week. We were eating twenty. Six papa d. s. to this week we're back to like having someone just constantly push steroids on us. What he's my six backs coach and was one of suggestions. All i'm opening we're saying you got to do with natural. Yeah i mean. I obviously said no to the steroids. Yeah right i am open. My ears are open that steroid. I'm just trying to talk. Hang down from doing salarmy because he was raising it like actually arms y- harm. Someone tweeted at me when we tied the conversation. We're like do. You should definitely do sam's so that i sent to billy. It was like shudders arms into billy's credit. Once again he'd actually written a blog about the dangers of storms. So all my information from that there we go. He's back right..

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