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I feel like that might work with with the Hollywood Foreign Press, but I feel like the controversies and they're not small they're not like ginned up controversies leg. I would say the stuff that we heard around Selma or stuff like that. Like, these are genuine concerns around these two movies. I don't think they'll survive the Oscar voting process like I'm feel very confident about I think there's a faction in the academy. That would also be receptive to that kind of thinking. But I think that the look the the main thing about both of these movies is that they're artifice surely not artificially, well pretty artificially this year. But they're separated into two best picture groupings that kind of ended up being so weird with the musicals in the drama thing and the comedies like everything was in the wrong place. And so the movies we've been talking about all year as being most likely to win. Best picture are like stars. Born Roma wasn't even allowed to be in either category stars born was in the totally wrong category. Perhaps arguably, and you know, so I don't know. I think it's I think that this probably is like a one night only, you know, sort of hilarious. Bizarre travesty. But what I don't know. What do you guys think? Well, this is always the kind of tricky game with the Golden Globes is you know, we can say at one side of our mouth. Well, they don't really mean anything because it's just the eighty people who have have any people deciding this. So we shouldn't actually looked at it to predict the Oscars and yet from the other side of her mouth burly. But yeah, kind of can in some ways, and I, but I don't think I think this is a weird year where the best picture winners. Probably don't. Actually have a shot of repeating at the Oscars. But again, what do we know? I think the most interesting thing of the evening for, you know, future awards. Prediction was Glenn Close witting in the best actress drama because not only did she come out of a movie that we've got a small release in the summer that had premiered of one film festival a year prior like that was a hard mountain to climb, but she got good reviews for it. But she also gave this really great speech that kind of gathered some of the larger social issue surrounding the orchard together in a nice, rousing concise way. And to me, I feel like she won the Oscar based on that speech. Well, yeah. Okay. Two things ever one. I want you out you both to know. And all of our listeners now that as soon as she won immediately. I heard my own words and little Goldman like a month ago. Whatever thrown back at me where I'm like where are you? Getting this Glenn Close narrative, it's crazy. It has nothing to do. Do with reality. And then I was like oh God to talk about this on the podcast of. But this is so good. And I'm wondering do you feel comfortable sharing some of your unified theories on speech giving at the Golden Globes with with our listener? So to Richards earlier point, I think that the Globes are not super predictive for best picture, although they obviously kind of indicate momentum. And I think the anxiety of voters that they don't want to be wrong is always you have to think about that. When you're watching like if this group of voters give somebody in a ward, another group of voters is going to think maybe we should take that more seriously than we did before. So that's helpful. I guess to rhapsody and certainly green book. But where it's really predictive is that it's an audition. I think for actors and the academy voters are watching thinking we want to have a great show..

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