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Then we put the season behind. I re i really do. Think being in your room alone nonstop it takes it messes with a little bit like we are not like they don't have police outside our doors or anything like that but we are. We have been strongly advised to you. Stay at a you stay at a bar. You stay out of the streets unless you're going for a walk and what that leads to is like entire crew of people we walked to set and then we do a television show and then we leave set and we all walk back into the same hotel and we just don't to our rooms. I mean you know everybody's like so how you doin' liquoring your room. Like people people going to liquor like there's one person who worked with who was like yeah. I had to call the liquor store yesterday to make sure that they were going to be open on sunday so that i didn't get stuck in my room all night with without a bottle you know like i think. I think this is a lonely in be creating possible drinking problems. So it's just it's it's weird to be at the final four and be isolated because now it's a little more productive like i've got more work done in non pandemic years. We'd be trying to rush through this so that we could meet four people for dinner and then who knows what happens after that but then whatever happens after that lasts until everything closes and then you wake up whenever you wake up on on monday morning or monday afternoon. This is more relaxing Less taxing on the body. But it is. It's a weird feeling like the national championship games tomorrow. And when i get done with this i will do. Cbs sports h. q. And then you know. I don't know what your plans are. But i'm coming back to sit in the same room again on. That sounds like a plan to me. You want a preview this game. Yeah we'll get into the actual match up next but first let me remind you that it is masters week butler cabin greenjackets. Dj brooks roy. Red hot jordan speed as usual. I can't wait to see augusta national on my screen and cbs sports..

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