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Are game just ended moments ago a valiant effort but Minnesota is a pretty darn good team yeah in the end of the the lines just couldn't find ways to stop them a lot of playmakers on their team and in the end eight forty two to thirty a loss for the Detroit Lions and Dalvin cook a big reason for that twenty five carries a hundred and forty two yards on the ground and two rushing touchdowns including the clincher at the end the lines were within five near the end but again the Vikings went right down and scored the big trivia answer that we have for the foreseeable future is which Detroit Lions scored four touchdowns in a single game as a receiver that's gonna be Marvin Jones junior ten catches in ninety three yards four touchdowns that's all of Matthew Stafford's touchdowns on the day he had three hundred and sixty four total yards also the fastest NFL player to reach forty thousand yards in history but in the end the lions fall the two three and one the Vikings improved to five and to the lions now going to be in the basement of the NFC north again elsewhere in the NFL one game still on going from the early games with that's gonna be done in just a minute the bangles will lose for the seventh straight time to begin this season the Jaguars well when the twenty seven to ten and that one will be final in about thirty seconds elsewhere in the league the Packers will prove to six and one they beat the raiders forty two to twenty four Aaron Rodgers throwing five touchdowns in the game elsewhere the rams find their offense they beat the falcons other road thirty seven to ten and Dan Quinn the head coach of Atlanta me be on the way out after that one could be a final straw is they fall to one and five the cardinals hang on to beat the giants on the road twenty seven to twenty one and ugly game in Washington but the forty Niners pull it out for a six a no start to their season nine to nothing the final score in the game Jacoby percent four touchdown passes on the day they defeat the Texans thirty to twenty three that the final score in the bills hang on to get the dolphins to fall to a one five thirty one to twenty one buffalo comes out on top more the fall.

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