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Bending flips it out. Ryan McDonagh to get to it. And Laney Dangerous Pass is gonna connect with caloric. I'll chip it out safely to center. Benning reverses it for Hall of Lost it to kill Lauren Left wing. It's maroon. Cross the national ideas checked, bending a steel. They'll spend it out of the zone and bounces off foot stick and careens to McDonough and the lighting in 3.5 minutes left in the first two to nothing. Tampa Bay up Donna Surveying the situation like here getting a change of front. Donna continues to hold onto the puck. You know, finally, like Yanni Gordon, take it. Zip it out to center ice to mark the good road to flex it in and chases Good row After the park in the left corner, jostling with Ryan Ellis Ellis lost his stick. Good row feats. Coleman, right corner shoots. He made sorrows. The rebound is loose in front. And sorrows, finds it in the blue paint and covers and way have bored laying on his back. Jostling with Erik Haula. Well, the puck was loose there for a second. Lord tries to smash it in and he gets decked. Right, Holla. Hello. I mean, he threw a punch He did. Three minutes exactly left. In the first, Coleman's talking to the official about it two of work He did. He threw a left, got him and reading the helmet knocked him down. Face off to the right of sorrows. He's had to deal with some tough Shots with traffic around him. In the second half of this first period. Yep. Lightning coming on Sissons and point to the right of Sorrows. One by Colton Systems check home makes its way to center ice. Lay it forward and pull that engulfs it in fucking lightning near corner of battle ensues. Who's got assistance? Does I slide? Told it in right point. Fabbro shoots save made by Vasyl Lasky and stamp goes, just rips it out. To 40 left in the period to nothing. Lightning. Day Fabbro in his own zone, left wing. It's Matea cycle will gain the red line and whistling in Lot plays the caravan Lightning far corners check by told in and got her way over to the 0.2 on two point out to center point Kind of cutting up the middle across the one to stand. Close. Right point slide. I got tied.

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