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It's so nice to your you good to hear you. I dunno. She's talking about the whoever it is awesome. It's me guide i now. I think it's both of you. I do miss margie today. But hey she'll be back bruce. She needs a vacation. I like i like mike that hooks. How come i think he's great. Why because it's not about the host. It was never. I mean it only became about alex. Rebecca's he went along and frankly my whole family has grown up watching jeopardy and i watched my whole life. I'm fifty one. And i love it. And i get off on getting mad at him i. We used to get mad at alex when he would y he would feel because he would make an a contestant. Feel back axle pompous sometimes. Did you guys oversee the episode. Where there was a kid. He misspelled the final jeopardy by a couple of letters it. Was you know the trials you know tournament and he said what will you misspelled that by badly. And and yeah that's incorrect. Alexandra guy the rule at the holiday dinner. You know like alex with zing you and you'd like oh my gosh alex that was kinda that hit kinda hard like he was. He was always very very you know in control but every now and then he would get roughly. He made fun of somebody for some hobby was dungeons and dragons or something you know so he to me that made him interesting because they know he's not coming back sue. He's pretty much done the show so hey reuss love to hate him. You know i love to like be angry with alex. Rude is your mike richards position. I wasn't quite clear that you want someone who fades into the woodwork. And he d- serious. But you know but they all have to say. I didn't know this. Until i watched studiously for the last few months. They all do clearly the producers. Say you can't talk too much. She which is why. I never could do it. You can't you can't show too much personality. I think despite that people like balak we're able to sort of break through but you know. I think all you have to. What's that i agree with you. She she actually was the absolute to me and best choice would have been about choice. Plus she's a woman i mean. Come on what are the way. I'm not laughing at you root. Thank you for the call. When i was talking about trying to fade into the background our colleagues just send soon me a photograph of trebek's on something called wizard of odds o. D. s. an nbc. Show in the seventies which he's wearing a wide lapels. What is that a plaid suit. Bell-bottoms suit boy game shows of the seventies man. There was nothing nothing quite like them. So so are you saying that the conventional wisdom was the trebek's sort of had an edge. Oh yeah no. He definitely had an edge. No he he he. He had an edge he was and he kept it under control for the most part but every now and then he would just you know radically overstep in a way Which would make the contest and feel bad or what they did for living like one woman. I don't i don't remember what they did but they were and i don't wanna sound completely General listrik and why and sweeping here. But there'd be jobs that you would expect people on jeopardy. What have you know. And he would make fun of them are Hobbies that they would have and he would do it in a real zingy kind of you know way that would make i loved it. I thought it was interesting. The reaction of that is..

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