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Eric. Metaxas gentlemen welcome to the show. And i want walk myself to eric. Metaxas show because it's my show and doggonit on welcome to it. Yes welcome. This is a brand new year of life for you. You just had a birthday last night. You and your dad yesterday My dad and i share birthday not the birth day for example separated by thirty six years. I wanna make that clear very clear. He's twenty seven sixty three. There you go. That's not age. That's birth year but yesterday a celebrated my birthday with my dad and my mom. Her birthday's three days earlier server. You're obviously we celebrate them together but the most important thing people can remember is that today is mike lindell's birthday sixty years. Think what he's accomplished. He's like made a billion dollars and tried to save the world. Yeah not that impressive. Yeah okay listen. I said yesterday now by the way just to warn everybody. What's coming up here last week. We're at the national religious broadcasters association. I met more amazing people and obviously Interviewed just about all of them So you get to meet him to now. One of them didn't know any about him. Brian gibson he's a pastor in kentucky and in texas. This guy is my new hero. My new best friend pastor. Brian gives them in a couple of seconds. He's coming on this program. We're going to air. What i record with him a few days ago. You won't believe that you need to know who this says. Pastor brian gibson he is an amazing man A real patriot hero hero. Pastor is i'm just saying this is the kind of pastor that we're looking for yes It's just beautiful. He's but he's amazing. Do not miss this. This is amazing. Our to We take it down a notch and we go to sleepy john's iraq. He's he doesn't have lots to say these kinda drowsy. He's kind of tired. He's like jeb. Bush john's mirror but he's a friend and we'll bring them on and maybe we'll abon. Yeah we'll throw them a bone now and again because he's a he's a friend so he gets and our to our one. Brian goo gibson. And i want to say that yesterday i had this thought at the last minute. I woke up yesterday and i thought. Hey it's my birthday. I can ask my audience For favouring case. They want to do something. And i said okay. Look i have a new book coming out. October nineteenth if people pre-order. It makes a big difference to the book. I'm telling you you know if you want to help me or what i'm doing. This is something you can do..

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