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You know there's no way for us to To talk about the lex luger story and not address. One thing that i think. He's sort of been handled unfairly with. I'm talking about miss elizabeth. A lot of fans And we've got a lot of questions about it and we're not going to go through them all but a lot of fans sort of point the finger at legs and say. Oh well miss elizabeth. I don't think that's fair to lex You know there's sadly been there's been a lot of people who we fell in love with as wrestling fans in the wrestling profession. Who lost their life way. Too early new to a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. And i don't know that it's necessarily fair that wrestling fans sort of point the The ugly stick lex luger in that regard for her. It's personal accountability. You know for instance bam bam bigelow. He passed away no seven And it was an accidental overdose. Type situation just like miss elizabeth. But i think wrestling fans have convinced themselves that the real life missile is bliss. Was this you know. I don't know how pristine snow type character that we saw with with the macho man back in the eighties but the real life that that's not a real life in real life. She drugs and alcohol. She did too much one day and she lost her life. But that's an it's not like luger's holding her down and making it. No you get what i'm saying here. Yeah it was made out to be the he'll it's not famous too pristine. She was too much of a. You know the girl next door. Our tv character That that w. w. f. developed along the savage was You know tv character. Yes and You know i. I can't speak to that real well. Because i just never had any relationship with her at all well but the point is jim even if i'm just let's pretend from even if we're going with the idea that oh he was a bad influence on her. Where does the personal accountability come in. Like she's an adult. Yes she's here's an adult of macaroni decisions and the decision. Say when she died. The i'm i'll admit i'm guilty too because my preconceived notion of miss elizabeth was that of a essentially a southern belle. Yes and That didn't have any negative baggage right so when i heard that she died of a drug overdose i two said well that must have been That trained must have been driven by lex so he changed. He changed from the lex express to something else areas driving. But let's not like you said. He can't be blamed for her have. It's no and some people are listening to. This is going to disagree with that. And that's your prerogative folks. I'm not gonna you down well at the same time. If that's true then you know. What's the is the difference that there's a romantic relationship. Because i mean can we blame lex luger for bam bam bigelow untimely death or big boss man's or recruits or paintings. No i mean at the end of the day. these are grown. Elizabeth was forty two years old and she made poor choices that caught up with her and cost her life. And it's sad but it doesn't necessarily mean we should all blame lex luger and he's been nas for a long long time on that deal and and i can only imagine from his perspective no matter the circumstance when you lose someone who is that big of a part of your life and it happens right in front of you. That's gotta be god awful tragic. Yeah it is and it's not fair not fair to have to live with that more days than not so. That's a good point. You bring up a very good point. Conrad you know. She's got the miss. Elizabeth has to be held accountable for her own actions if She was being manipulated to doing. Excessive amounts of of life threatening drugs and alcohol at the behest of her beloved. Lex not have a different story there but we don't know that fans just created that narrative you know i grew agree with you so bottom line is that she s to be accountable for our own actions and people should stop blaming lex luger remiss elizabeth's death. Yes and when they do that they'll probably feel better about themselves that no. There's no way in hell that i did. I i was one of those people though On thinking oh x. heard alexis party and real heavy and all this good stuff And so that's got to be italian there somehow someway so then instead of not. Not really vilifying still putting the blame where it needs to be a lot easier to lex because again. He not embraced himself to a lot of people. And that's why one of the reasons the head is issues in wrestling was and he didn't get over because he didn't connect to the audience he lex luger was not a beloved character. Miss elizabeth was a beloved character. So you go to the vega and the bad guy in this scenario and the eyes of many folks was the male of the lex. So i don't know i but the bottom line the bowl and this deal.

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