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Let's an 18 point difference, right? He only lost Gwinnett County by six points in 2016 so underperforming In Gwinnett County. I wonder what he's done. I wanted tea. To lose that many voters. It's It's not him. It's how that county has changed. That's a second most populous county in Georgia, okay on and as folks continue to move further and further out of the city. The demographic makeup of Gwinnett County has changed. Over the years once was a solidly Republican 2008 John McCain won Gwinnett County 54 to 44 over Barack Obama. Wanted by 10% points. So I mean how we're talking Just what 12 years later. Quick in the president's down, 18 points, the swing and the swing it that much that that's very quick, and that's a lot of people moving. Ah, moving in. I got to give you one more. No Sean Wilson's got get even one more real quick. Macomb County, Michigan was another one that we kind of had our I own over performing in Macomb County. Ah, that's been good form. Right now. He's at 56% to 43%, slightly above where he was. In 2016. That's a Detroit suburb. Biggest strikes so far to you. But what's the biggest price of war? The biggest surprise was how tight North Carolina wass, Okay. For me right now. Okay, Traffic.

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