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More obvious choices. The New York Jets would be I am not going to buy into this whole sense that car can't handle the New York spotlight. I think the New York fan seeing car and just seeing that guy that shows up at a press conference with his eyes filled with tears saying some guys not locker room aren't believing and I put my ass on the line and he doesn't use that language. Remember when he came out and he started talking about how some of the guys in the locker room aren't trying as hard and he was giving that implication and his tears I think New York fans would kind of buy into that and it kind of is vibing and it seems stuff is Garrett Wilson like the accountability that Derek Carr takes. I think would meet the moment in New York City of course, some of the Derek Carr moments that we saw on blowing leads. It's not all on him, but, you know, he would have to have a thick skin. And I'm not going to ascribe that he's, you know, this wall flower in Oakland and Vegas that can't handle the heat. He's also not out there to create the heat on him. The weapons there too, man. I mean, Bruce hall with Garrett Wilson and the rest of that team and the offensive line getting better in the defense right there. Car wouldn't be a bad fit in New York at all. Number two on this list, if you want to talk about pressure, this would be in my mind the most pressure packed situation. And I know I just mentioned New York and New England. You never want to be the guy after the guy, you just don't, ever want to be the guy after the guy, and somebody's going to have to be the guy after the guy in Tampa. I mean, Derek Carr throwing him. Evans and Godwin? Right? Don't you think he would fit there with these guys throw deep baby? I don't know. Love to see what their offensive styles are going to be and shard white is a merging as a big time back. This is a team that we all know made the Super Bowl a couple years ago and I don't know what the team's going to look like as they're their credit card bills that they might have created by creating the room for Brady to win now and that window. I don't know how that's going to leave the aftermath of this team, but that's not a bad spot for him to go to. NFC south, let's go. That's not a bad division to go into and try and win now. Number one on the list is another NFC south team. You know, this was yesterday Dan Orlovsky mentioned this and I've been thinking a lot about it since he said it Carolina is a great

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