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Start to get appreciation society we should. We should team that they will be already. I was the one that I really want. Is the flu sleeve. Boca Juniors run no. I haven't it's beautiful gets hits from the Swedish flag really. Yeah so the Bakar fans will eating when They will figure out what they want for their just and they said the flesh ship that Aboard we will use the colors of the flag of the Swedish ship. While that's an amazing story man. That's believed that. Yeah that's Addison Jonathan visiting angels with Faces Union. Lot Of these folks fan he I loved. I love the books especially for boiling because that they take the dictated what about the history and the cultural sort of implications and how things why things on the way they had white Argentina Sort of understand that because you because You know it's an art society and culture of the proletarian larger with political situations in in in the country in in boost teams so you know so dictatorships in Italy bags slim. Jims holiday went through that what happened with the players. In HOTEL OUT SHAPE DENVER. Indentity I like that. I read biographies of one of Oil. Last book at it was called feet of the comedians about African football beautiful and so we've innovated scrape stuff so Peter. The comedian is the way the chameleon moves. It's for the White White Scott Seeing in Africa okay. You said the million rate moves if recalculated slow. Say Sweet and a lot of time. You see these bosses that happen tonight. happened calculated. Stolberg put aside. So you know when you haven't That happened across the field. It's it's GonNa that has a few million well exclusively bullets. Coney has his own controversies. Bullets controversies wikipedia. Page gated two bullets going ECON controversy. Averaging Act without you must missing and only the. This is the thing that I was talking about earlier at. It's that mix of politics and legions built and everything. It's what makes at least will amazing. I mean only in every completing. They had some fun tastic. Years had one task us and I mean he's a everything that what he is in what he's done what he's done a lot food Not Just Milan but for football and all of that yet. I think he's done. He's going to San Diego Bordon about the Madrid president and what he achieved that he took this clearly in his Milan When he the Kootenai audio sappy Modesto onboard should. We didn't need to go Boonsak Brought him there and they went back to back champions DIS and You know I just went on from there. That Capello brilliant brilliant deals off having seen that Arrow with that Milan that success that bullets Koniak of success. We're here now. Milan is not doing that will. It's it seen Milanez. Seen some of the greatest players play you can rattle off some. You've got Renaldo you've got you mentioned Latin guys like Glade item abortion Gulick those will those were the teams that you think about now when you talk about Milan and now it's it's a little bit of a struggle and I can only understand your frustration. I totally understand your frustration in in this dame right now but I think that a lot is happening behind the scenes and. I hope that we'll see Milan back again. Right up. Did the disappointment has been their season on seasons. I now if you know saying I hope this season to be defended on the endless. That is a proposal management. A coach can would be in doubt. It's hard sluggish next season and to be start from scratch squid one to keep fingers crossed and hope for the best in the mean. Let's Donald Lotteries in Dhaka word Google Times with their with you the Badger because so ninety four was when you first saw football on that skin. What wasn't swimming need Has Authored the audience? gained big massive steam. Deums blessed him than anything and even in the world and I wanted this guide reduce over. I him as he blamed them through so much on that and then when he missed the penalty house interest but I would through that he still continued to be amazing. Nope was that and then it sort of at a that is very sort of British. They will age so you want a heater that age was this guy is just. He's I mean he's literally took the nation of look and feel them Needle and it's okay to to fall and the new and get back up and it's just So I as a matter deals Me So much. I don't think so especially walkways Super Bosnian and it helped me shape a north of my way taught because he I really really really liked. This guy is that he was so enigmatic and humble and he was physically not like this. Strong Brawny Guy would take Just related to that so that you missed penalty in back in the ninety eight World Cup still played and you know what he was doing what he wasn't that I think he won the Blondie Auto Insurance. You wish that the things I I kept following him at that Bentley missile. Just one of the things that everybody would members the members is one thing. Remember so many other things about him. I usually side following because of him. I I even excellent Lido in because I wanted IMP Llewellyn. So it's it's it's it relates to this one. So you like I said. Can you relate to success at radio successful right? It was so you you want to be associated success. And that's why he was so a for me logistic an amazing thing but people know him for the failure isn't You know they they have a pre. You missed the penalty is that's okay. He's still rent pass. That got past that lived. His life lives career and everybody. Okay it was okay. It Cleveland on another World Cup. Later in the and things went as they were supposed to believe it was not. It's like a sort of its life goes on. I was audience find. He's he's now is always going to be associated with that teammates but that many many things to do men and that same thing applies to night. I mean you could have failure than you could do badly but there are so many things that the smaller things that you should just sort of look at appreciate your openness off because it's really when I everything that is happening in the world right now. Eight hundred s of ring. So-so much and I think that though you know they're gonNA come back that that same fighting spirit that they have they're gonNA come back and it's great that we in fact I feel we booklets clubs today than we did bespoke more quickly. Yeah I guess it was a delegating this episode to Italy Man. Yeah taught simple as that. They look getting through only super enough. Thank you for being far away. Fan podcast thank you. Sean enjoyed enjoyed it. And Hopefully Knicks. Jackley be in Boston or we'll be like I said I will you that what you have absolutely no. I'm looking forward to it and get back to normal for everyone. Thanks again thank you thank you.

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