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Okay big let me just say. I see the pros and cons to both thailand and leaving this week my goal is to get to the final with you big. That's the goal. And i'm just. I'm not sure who the best person is to be with us to do that. I mean aasa. She's easier to be Big like yeah you know. We've given our word. I've never given awesome. I word xs like we're at a point in this game. You have to take emotion out of words matter so just to set you up here. Exhibitor is going to be pitching to big d that he wants out this week. Big d is going to be fighting Very hard against this idea. Now let me just reset this again. Highland wants to take xavier to the final two and will definitely lose to him. Aasa almost definitely will take big d to the final two and probably beat him. But you know so. We'll everyone So from these point of view he wants to keep in the person that will cut him wants to evict the person that will take him from Point of view. He wants to cut the person that will take him and bring the person that will cut him now. I actually can understand it from exhibitors point of view to a degree. We've talked about this already from big these point of view. It is absolutely.

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