Phoenix police in spotlight after controversial response to shoplifting incident


After a lengthy city council meeting the seven hundred twenty one million dollar budget for police next year has passed the vote came at seven to two plenty of community members made public comments opposing the budget and wanted the council to order the firings of police officers were arrested a family of shoplifting suspects earlier this month, and Reverend Gerry mop into activists representing the Ames family delivered a petition to council members and he demanded the two officers seen in the viral video be fired and any other officers involved in the case disciplined and retrained. He also told the council, the Democrats on here who are the majority are supposed to defend people of color helped me defend this. family and the man accused the men who accuses to officers of police brutality dry dre von ames was also at the council meeting people are not being held accountable this footage of incident and it's clear date at those officers wrong is sick that they're still behind desk duty cell phone video shows officers drawing guns on on his family following shoplifting call you can see the video and read more on this story at k._t._a._r. dot

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