Kelly Ripa and 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown face off


Bachelorette. Hannah brown. On this show, Kelly and Ryan, and she's also making a round of the other shows apparently and. She told people magazine. That flies. That's Mike, Fleiss in Harrison, Chris, Harrison, should maybe think before they critique. No. She didn't say that. Did she? Critique is a big word for her. Hang on a second. Let me she will shed both bachelor host Harrison and creator flesh clap back on Twitter. We got to that. And then it says before current bachelorette Hannah Brown appeared on the daytime talk show Thursday. A source close to live with Kellyanne. Ryan told people that Fleiss in Harrison, should maybe think I see. Okay, think before they critique. So it was a source close to live with Kellyanne Ryan. It seems the fear of Jackson runs deep over there. These guys really want to bring attention to the fact that people should stop and look more closely at the completely outdated misogynistic nature of the show, and it's a -fensive premise of demeaning. It's participants. Wow. That again is a source close to live with Kelly and Ryan. Kelly Ripa not backing down though. She does not like the show. According to the source, they meaning the people at the bachelor can't handle light hearted criticism. From a successful woman, who's been on TV longer than their contestants have been alive. Whoa. Kelly's time at live predates, the shows by years. So if anything the source continued her success in syndication, and promotion of these shows pays their salaries. I get it. So they took offense at the fact that essentially, Fleiss was saying, hey look, if it weren't for the bachelor that couldn't even afford to pay you over there. Anyway, that's the deal with Kelly Ripa and the new bachelorette Hannah, I think I show a couple of episodes that she was on. She was kind of in it, you know, she was in the in the muck with them all. Well, part of the reason why you know, they went with a twenty four year old. I mean, the other ones have been twenty-five that they want, you know, younger more energy, and then Chris Harrison the hosts said that they've had more male drama this season than ever before. But that's what they're kind of looking for, because they want to create that for the younger, the people, the more drama, you're gonna have because older people start to get some charity and even the immature older people are more mature than the young people. Young people tend to just go with their emotion. You give them a cocktail. And you got yourself a reality show. Exactly. But you know the older contestants are just too cool. They're not gonna they're not gonna make total idiots out of themselves. It is weird, though, people say, why do they fall over each other doing all this stuff? You know, for this whatever they know they're. On television for this because it's odd human psyche. You get into a room and you get into a situation and you want to win. Well, it doesn't almost doesn't matter what your competing for. There's a there's something that happens. And if you don't win you at least don't wanna lose. You don't wanna be rejected that moment where you're not picked. That's a powerful moment psychologically. That's why you see these women breaking down. I mean when they talk about him as their true love, or I mean it's. It can't in the light of day really seem as though really you think that's your true love. It's expectations have been crushed. I also think these are just vehicles for people's careers. Now now. That's true. On these reality shows, if you make a spectacle of yourself. There's a chance, you're, you're going to have a great career out of this or more. More reality TV shows, absolutely true. There agents and reps. You know, for

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