Fused Reality

Innovation Now


This tech transfer. Let's pilots practice without risking. An accident innovation now pilots have long been training on virtual reality simulators. But these have limitations it's challenging to replicate how each aircraft feels. But a new virtual reality tool developed in collaboration with NASA Armstrong flight research center has adapted. A system that hooks into real aircraft. The fused reality simulator hooks into any airplane, providing the dynamics of the exact plane, the pilot is flying and with the aid of virtual reality goggles layers of virtual scene of the world outside the cockpit. But this spin off isn't limited to a virtual runway airplane manufacturers could use fused reality. As a marketing tool to show off how a plane performs NASA sees applications for long duration. Space missions to repair broken hardware or provide visual aids for medical procedures. And NASA's Johnson. Space center is investigating the system for use on the international space station. So astronauts can practice complicated maneuvers of the robotic arm for innovation. Now, I'm Jennifer pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w HR V.

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